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  1. Enjoying the game, much prefer this year's training, happy to pass off responsibility for some stuff to other staff and the ME looks good. As a more general point without creating a spoiler - is there any change in policy over the last few years to reduce the number of players coming through with very high (-10 or 185+) potential? Earlier versions seemed to have a higher proportion of these.
  2. He needs to fit into a formation with flat back four, DMC (anchorman), AML (winger), AMR (inside forward) & STC (poacher). So there are 2 spare slots in midfield, typically CM/CM away & switch one CM to AMC(treq) at home. He struggles with advanced playmaker instructions though - barely hitting 7.0 in a winning team.
  3. Has anyone found instructions / tactics that get a good performance from Lampard? My CM's seem to underperform the rest of the team anyway, but with his poor pace & acceleration the game seems to bypass Frank - I'd sell him to City, but can't live with the guilt.
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