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  1. Germany; The Bundesliga. I have a ton of leagues loaded, but I tend to favour Germany. I can't remember which FM it was when I actually managed a club in England. :S I also like keeping tabs on the Russian League.
  2. Nothing as grand as yours but, 2011/12 Season. Top of the Bundesliga with HSV and had been since the start of the Christmas break, we're nearing the the end of the season. But Bayern, Wolfsburg, and Leverkusen are all closely behind me. Away to Wolfsburg, a loss could see Hamburg drop to fourth if Bayern and Leverkusen win their matches. I go three - nil down before the end of the second half, the rest of the second half is stalemate. We manage to fight back but to no avail, in till the 79 minute. We score, what was to me at the time a consolation goal, however I was very wrong. We go on to score FIVE more goals before the end of the final whistle. Final score; Wolfsburg, 3 - HSV, 6. I was well chuffed with my team Even better that Bayern and Leverkusen lost both of their games too. It didn't give me to title as things after still weren't safe as Bayern then went on to win every game till the end of the season and I knew I'd be second if we slipped up but, we held them off. The Bundesliga was ours!
  3. Oh, I forget to mention. Turkey and Swizterland in the World Cup Final 2010 for my FM09 game. Turkey won.
  4. Title deciders last day of the season

    Never happened to me, but I have noticed that on my save game. Juventus led the Serie A near the entire season, Napoli pretty much trailed throughout. Napoli managed to get level on points and it came down to the final day, Napoli won by goal difference... One goal.
  5. I paid £95 million for Pato!!!!!!!

    HOLY HELL! I thought buying him for £15 Million was a chunk in my bank. But yeah, it's worth it. I remember paying about something around £40 Million for a Regen in one of my games while at AC Milan, but I can't remember the name since it was either 2007 or 08. I do remember him scoring five past Inter though.
  6. MLS questions

    Unfortunately not. Licensing restricts them to the 2010/11 teams.
  7. The biggest club I've seen relegated was Werder Bremen in my FM 2008 game, I haven't seen anyone bigger to go down, but I have noticed that Liverpool often dangle dangerously around the bottom three on some of my games. Most shocking win? FM2011 - CSKA Moscow winning the 2012 Champions League against FC Bayern, Russia also got to the final of Euro 2012. Good year for Russian football I'd say. RC Strasbourg won Ligue 1 during my FM2009 game, the next season however they went straight down back to Ligue 2. xD How about everyone else?
  8. Squad Numbers

    Your not alone my friend.
  9. Germany is there in add a manager. Germany was there when I started a new game. Since I know all too well about certain "restrictions."
  10. I'm playing as a German in game.
  11. Okay, third season in. Three successful seasons with HSV, won the Bundesliga twice, won DFB-Pokal once, and runner up. And got to the semi in the Champions League. My reputation is at World Class; Joachim Low steps down as Germany's manager. Now here is the problem... I'm always overlooked! Every single time. No matter what I win, no matter what my reputation, I've never managed to be Germany's manager. And I've been playing the FM series for a long time now. In 2009 I had managed FC Bayern, AC Milan and Barcelona, winning all the major cups with them but still no success. After The Netherlands failed to qualify for Euro 2012, I did however get a Job offer from them. I can even apply to manage Japan and get a job offer. So I doubt it's anything to do with the licensing issues. My question is, has anyone ever managed Germany by applying for the job?
  12. FC United

    Konami holds full rights to the J-League. FIFA isn't even allowed to feature the national team.
  13. For the veteran FM player. We can all agree that FM09 is more realistic compared to the previous year. But at the same time, new people to the series are going to find this frustrating, and frustrating isn't a good way to pull in new gamers. And not every single gamer wants, 'total football realism.' So does anyone think that it's time for a difficulty slider? or something along them lines?
  14. So, apparently I am a genius

    Bah! Thats nothing. I've won everything the game can throw at me as Vauxhall Motors. And even better, I just play my goalkeeper and still win.
  15. FMEditor English Version For 9.10

    Can you edit the non-playing history on this?