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  1. This tactic would make any striker walk on water.
  2. Hi guys I just ended my Espanyol season using the latest 4-1-2-3 tactic and I lost the title in extra time due to Messi scoring the 1-2 for Barcelona at Tenerife. This was indeed as dissapointing as it sounds but I know that the tactic really got the maximum out of my average squad. I even managed to win from Barcelona on their own ground!. I found that if you put the 2 outer strikers on their oposed foot, you get the best out of them, the same thing goes for the MC's. Just to illustrate this: Joan Verdú got 14 goals and 15 assists and an average rating of 7.32 from the MCL position in 41 app
  3. My documents -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2009 -> Schedules
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