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  1. Red disc 01/02....The Greeks would make me feel sick they were so good..Also il tell you who is a beastly Cm Ledge.............................Free Transfer old Cm's "Vance Warner" .......
  2. Also and anyone who has ever played Cm01/02 red disc I can teach you a thing or too..Something for you grasshoppers out there.. The Greeks:::: 1-Anastasios Skalidis 2-Alexandros Papadapalopidos 3-Giannos Kalogeres 4-Niklos Tobros I knew that database like no other...Get those 4 and unbelievable things happen..
  3. My laptop always says half a star on both ratings..Never been fussed about what they relate to..Game runs nice and fast for me..Try not to read to much in to it..
  4. Just one of those things..like where you leave the mouse pointer..Has to be over my team name all throughout the match..
  5. 28,000...always have done..Always will do..
  6. Yes one of the only problems that actually annoys me...Plus no team backround history after the initial introduction with the chairman..
  7. You had one clear cut chance each and bristol city's players played better..
  8. Gk: Ruslan Nigmatallin Dr: Sir Mike Duff DL: David Limbersky CB: Paul Dillon (the best ever) MR: Courtney Naylor ML: Andy Burgess MC: Mark Emmers ST: Orri Freyr Oskarsson
  9. I hardly ever use the forums for anything other than to get updates on major issues with the game..It is so frustrating to read about "I'm losing..I'm not getting any job offers..Why is my striker not scoring?..How come I turn my pc off and before I won 28 games on the spin and then first game back I have not won for 2 games there must be a bug or something.. Why can't people just play the game for what it is..It is incredible..I currently don't have a game going due to other commitments..there isn't a day goes by where I don't thing about football manager..I have been fortunate enough to live in an era where a football management game such as this one exists..just take a step back..use this forum for major issues and polite requests..The creators have used there love for the game to give us this product..it is not faulty..it is a technical bit of kit..it cannot be easy to create perfection..just let these guys carry on..before to long we may not be so lucky to have this in our lives..embrace it..Just play the game Regards
  10. Just cannot get into the swing of things...with the new baby..who is amazing and is the best thing that has ever happened to me..I get very little time to play...not only that when I do get time I get the football manager version of writers block?have I been completely emasculated?what am I supposed to do?i love this version of the game...can't find a team to be?been Spurs...Rangers...Man Utd..but I lose interest because I don't get to go on it as much as I used to...I'm in a terrible situation...if you choose to give me advice then it is much appreciated...please though no mentions of Fm Classic..
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