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  1. Just checked the status of my Zavvi order, and it's listed as PSP format!!!!!! Have emailed them and hoping they resolve it before they post it out!
  2. ...and is it just me, or is it not that much quicker than Vista? With nothing else running my gadget bar suggests it's eating 40-50% of my 3gb of RAM, never used to get above 40% with Vista. Hmmmmm...anyone else?
  3. Football Manager 2010 patching strategy

    We get an extra patch just because of Stephen Carr? Right, i'm gonna buy the guy and give him £80k a week...legend! ALL HAIL STEPHEN CARR!!!
  4. This thread has had me in stitches. All too true! Well, most ;-)
  5. So who is still playin FM09?

    I'm still playing too, and my career save has just got exciting! Got Alfreton Town to the Prem and won the CL, and have left to start the climb again with Weymouth. Just got them from BSP to Championship in 6 years, and have just missed out on the Playoffs by 2 points. Only thing is, due to the tiny stadium, i'm losing a lot of money as the matchday expenses have gone up by a huge amount, and my income isn't balancing it out. I NEED to get promoted to the Prem before i lose too much more money and go bankrupt! It's sink or swim time. Might cancel my pre-order of FM10 as i also have assignments for my Part Time uni course to do, and a full time job to hold down ;-)
  6. 3 Foreigner Rule

    Good question, am interested in this also...