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  1. I replayed the game save, it was in mid-January, and have uploaded another file - Paul Harrison Save Game - 29 Jan as the question came up on deadline day. The same question comes up again, I clicked the same as before and the same conflicting message appears. Hope that saves you a bit of time
  2. Hi @Tony Garvey, Thanks, I have uploaded the file, it is called - Paul Harrison Save Game.fm Hope it helps
  3. Hi again @Tony Garvey, I don't know if this is related to the is issue that I mentioned earlier but I have another conflicting email. This time to do with a press conference reply. It is with the same game file as the one above so if you require it I can upload it for you?
  4. Ok, I thought I did have a save file but saw your message whilst I was playing, then saved the game and it over wrote the file. #Staysafe
  5. Hi @Tony Garvey, Argh! Sorry, it looks like my backups have been over written, do you want my latest one or is that no good?
  6. Playing in 2023/2024 season and this message appears just after an email about my youth facilities being upgraded. Says they are delighted but FAILED on the right hand side
  7. I am in the second season with Roma, Bayern came in with an offer for Klivert, which I negotiated, they rejected and Klivert was unhappy. He subsequently told me he wanted to leave, I refused and the squad were unhappy with how I didn't let Zaniolo leave.
  8. Also I am unable to select the next's month calendar from the drop down in the top left hand corner as in previous versions
  9. Hi, Not sure if this is a bug or not but I'm in the second season and I am allowed to schedule training for the squad before the squad returns to start the new season. I'm not sure if this is because the computer automatically scheduled an inter-squad game on the first day back or not.
  10. Hi @Neil Brock, I understand the bug thread for FM19 has closed but I don't know if this is something that can be looked into for FM20? I have attached a file (don't know if you can play it) where a goal is disallowed, via VAR, from a throw in. The assist comes from a player who, might/might not be in a offside position, but it doesn't matter as you cannot be offside from a throw in, receives the ball from a throw in. He then passes to a player who scores from a shot, via a deflection. The goal was then disallowed via VAR. Liverpool v Bournemouth PL.pkm
  11. With the bugs forum closed how do we post feedback for the next installment of FM? I'm not sure whether this issue has been highlighted before but it is when a goal is disallowed for offside from a throw in. The goal is scored via a deflection with the scorer not offside and the decision going to VAR and then ruled out. Liverpool v Bournemouth PL.pkm
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