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  1. Join my online game / Try that if the other 1 doesnt work
  2. :)Hey. Im starting an online game - u can join if u want. Its the english premiere league only - database size S i.p address is
  3. here, i got on the soft anchor thing, typed in by phone, got through the sections, then it said type in this code in the first box of the next section, but i didnt know how to get to the next section
  4. i have done, and i now seem to be adding new varieties of errors. i am now getting 'could not validate code 0-0'
  5. this is getting so frustrating, i took the files from my computer onto my other computer via memory stick then it came up with error -703. What more can i do, ive tried every single soltion yet none of them work.
  6. Best Transfer Ever?

    oooooooo, hes onto you scott goodacre
  7. Money

    amen to that brother
  8. 12 minutes? No seriously it would probably take about four hours by going on holiday alone.
  9. can someone run me through what to do with fixv6?
  10. back of ur info booklet thing, at the bottom
  11. no - same problem - theres no soft anchor
  12. I ried what you said at the top and got error -703
  13. hey, can somebody tell me why i dont have this soft anchor thing. After download nothing comes up and when i click thwe icon theres an application error. i dont have the internet on the comp i can play fm on. Its also difficult because i dont have the phone number extension thing which you apparently get when you click on the phone activation on soft anchor because i dont have it. any help because the number im using rings out?
  14. i dont have the internet on the computer which is compatible with the internet
  15. in the installation mine goes striaght from license agreement and skips out delivery method - is that where soft anchor gives you the options?