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  1. i have the same problem. i bought the game last friday morning and have still not been able to play a match. im getting really fed up now as i have spent hours and hours looking through the forums and nothing is able to help. could someone at si please help us out here its such a pain buying a game and have to wait till someone creates a patch
  2. hi guys- i have a problem with my game. i cant play any games, everytime i go to play match the game crashes. i have downloaded the patch and everything is installed correctly. has anyone got any idea when another patch will be released so that i can actually play the game. not saying that in a cheeky manner just asking if anybody knows , cheers guys:thup:
  3. i have been trying to play a match since last friday and it crashes every single time i click to play game. can anybody help me. i have checked everybodys elses problems but there seems to be no fix for mine so far. does anybody know what i can do as im really stumped - cheers
  4. just a question to ask- i bought football manager on friday morning and i have been trying to play since but its not happening, i thought i was sorted the game installs and i can run the game but when i try to play a match the game just crashes and i have to turn it off. i have not been able to play one match since i have got it. i have downloaded the patch and spent hours and hours trying to get it sorted. please can someone help im really stumped now and getting really fed up with it. cheers guys