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  1. Snaus

    Still Steaming

    I often have this problem with FM not loading back up. I've found that when I'm logged in to Steam while playing that FM won't shut down properly when quiting. Instead of turning your computer off and on again you can also see if you've still got an fm.exe running as a process in your Windows Taskmanager (ctrl+shft+esc). End that before loading FM again. (Often for some strange reason ending it will actually load up FM automatically). Otherwise it will also often be enough to log off and log on again with your user account in Windows, instead of completely turning your PC off.
  2. I have Litmanen at my San Marino save (FM14, 1st season), and while playing a match today I was really curious what he was doing all match long. How was his movement (also compared to other players) and his passing etc? But playing with Director cam he was not always in the picture and I often lost him on the field. It would be great if you could have a camera angle where you follow one player on the pitch. With the ability to zoom and/or use the pov of the other camera angles. Maybe even highlight that player or always show his number/name. I know you can get some information on a player after the match, but I find that that is not always sufficient. And I'd also like to see a player with my own eyes and not only the match stats. It would be great for following your star player around or for watching a trial players you are testing out.
  3. I've just checked the databases in the FM13 Editor: Johan Cruijff is not in the 13.3 database but he is in the 13.0 database. So sadly he is removed. Does anyone know if you can easily copy a person from a database in Editor, so that you can paste him in another database?
  4. No, I just bought the game. I had the same issue with the demo, but then thought it might be a demo-issue. I'll repost in the Bugs thread. EDIT: Link: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/349508-I-ve-got-thick-darkened-borders-on-my-display.-Repost-from-General-Discussion It's all fixed now.
  5. I've tried everything: "Cruyff", "Cruijff", "Cruyf", "Cruijf", "Cru" and "Johan".
  6. I see that he is stated as one of the legends at Ajax, but I can't click on his name (spelled Cruijff btw). EDIT: Nvm, I also can't click on other legend van Basten or icons van der Vaart and Sneijder. Can click on legend Bergkamp though, but he's at Ajax himself.
  7. On all of my screens all the fields have very thick darkened borders that overlap in the fields themself: I have it with both the standard skins. Is that by design and part of the skins, or is it maybe a bug or a problem with my settings? It is very annoying as the border now often also overlaps text in the fields, which makes it harder to read.
  8. I've just bought FM13 and started a new game with the 13.3 database, and I can't find Johan Cruyff (Cruijff) when I search for him. Has he been removed by the update?
  9. Snaus

    San Marino

    What's the San Marino challenge? I've played with SM a few times in different FM editions. Never stayed with it too long sadly, but my goal was to get some decent San Marinese talents to bolster the national side and see if it can climb the FIFA rankings a bit. And they start out in the Serie C2/A in FM12.
  10. The Dutch 3rd tier for instance. C'mon Belgium and Denmark have their 3 tiers, why one of the greatest footballing nations in the world not?! (Slight bias possible).
  11. Just now I've got a news item that the Nigerian manager has dropped my Nigerian striker to the U23 side because: ""He has to prove himself with that side first". Granted my player is only 23 and became a starter for my Premiership Cardiff side last season. But he is one of the most talented strikers in the world, with many attributes on 16+. A player that was selected for the Nigerian side is Sammy Ameobi, who was just released from Newcastle and not half the player my AML/striker is. I ofcourse completely disagree with the Nigerian manager and would love to call him out on it. Saying that my player IS ready for the main squad and doesn't need to prove himself anymore. So (getting to the point), I would love to see an option to do this. To maybe confince that manager, but at least to give my player a confidence boost. EDIT: Actually, I would like to have the opportunity to react to EVERY news item I get (about my players/club). Just an option: 'React to this news'.
  12. This is something that really irks me, and that might be the biggest reason why I would ever turn my back on FM (I won't, but still). We're made to believe that we should live in constant fear that SI Games will go belly-up and that we would lose the FM series. Just because they just make enough each version to make ends meet. I senserely doubt and hope that this is not the case, because they are always one of the biggest sellers on the market. But because I live under this constant fear I do put up with a lot that I wouldn't from other developers. First, each version of the game has some big missing content: Faces and logo's of some big competitions (namely the English Premiership clubs), it doesn't have the German national side, it's missing several lower leagues, etc. Second, they rely on volunteers to get the core of their game right, the player's and club's information and attributes. These two things make SI/SEGA look very unprofessional. I understand that using player's profiles cost money and that EA games has got many rights for their FIFA games, but they should make better deals there. At least try to convince the actual clubs or footballers that they would be giving up their profile rights cheaper for all the fans of the game that are also fans of the clubs and players. And it's a smart thing to do to use volunteers for your database, but you shouldn't rely on it 100%. If you're missing info from a certain league than send one of your paid employees after it to get the necessary info. This might be a bit of a rant, and it might be induced because of lack of information or insight from me. And I bet that every person working at SI is working his hardest and with the most love he can give. And again I love the series and will keep playing it untill the end (and please don't make me switch to FIFA Manager or something). But it is my main gripe with the game that sometimes I feel that SI isn't an AAA developer and almost an indy one. And that shouldn't be, because they produce a great product each year (even with the faults), and I hate feeling a fan of a rickety rackety(?) game.
  13. As another example I would like to offer Italian clubs. They are quite famous for playing catenaccio style tactics. Prefering to win games by 1-0 instead of trying for bigger wins in danger of losing. Most Italian boards and fans IRL would lose it if a manager would start playing with too much risk. I like that kind of personality for a nation (like England holding on to direct 4-4-2) and this would help in keeping it that way.
  14. You may have misread my post. Because I wrote that I don't know what information they still require of the Dutch Topklasse. Most of the info is already in the database. If you use the editor you can add the Topklasse with all the right clubs and players. You can also add the promotion/degradation rules to the Dutch Jupiler league. That is all already in place. All SI/SEGA have to do is add this ladder to the normal game so that you don't have to do it manually in the editor. The only information that is missing as far as I can tell is: what's the prize money, how many subs are used, how many yellow cards lead to a ban, and maybe some more. Because they already have so much info about the Topklasse available in the database I guess that they already have researchers that gather this information. Now if we're talking about that they won't add the league because they DO still miss some of the mentioned info (or other) and they don't have the resources to get it, than I'll be glad to volunteer to try and get that information. But I wouldn't be surprised if SI/SEGA, through their current researchers or contacts, have far more easier access to the needed missing data than I do.