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  1. When you report your progress on a clan are you allowed to say player names and all that or is that reguarded as a spoiler.
  2. Im hoping no mods see this as i know its against the rules but its really hard to find aussie players and me and 3 other blokes are starting up an online a-league clan(see 'australian league game' in FM ONLINE Clan Advertiser thread) and we are keen to get another 5 or 6 players so all the teams are filled, just putting this out there for you guys as i know aussie games are hard to come by. PS im really sorry to post this here but Im sure alot of aussies would want to play an online game but just wouldnt check the online clan lists as there are very rarely australians games on there
  3. I saw FM05 2nd hand in 2004/2005 apparently the original owners didnt rate it too much but i took the chance thinking it to be more like FIFA but was fortunaetly mistaken, been addicted ever since. I think I was 12 maybe 13 when I First baught it, Its only just started to take off in Australia most people couldnt get around the 2D interface but ever since they braught in 3D the game was advertised everywhere.
  4. Havnt seen an Australian thread in a while just wondering how many of us there are around nowadays.
  5. How about Players that are up themselves not mentioning any names... christiano.. come back to the squad hotel late from a night out on the town etc and you have to deal with all that crap. Just alot more media and team talk options I think is only really needed weve had the exact same team talk options since 06. Also improve the 3D match and an option to change the graphics settings on the 3d for the slower computers.
  6. Instead of choosing your freekick and corner taker and who runs over the ball or goes short or long i was thinking if they could create a differnt way of creating set pieces where you get a screen like the positons one and you draw lines for for where they pass the ball and shoot and where the fake runs go. Sorry i couldnt explain it better
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