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  1. HunkOfJunk

    Game Crashes

    no, havent used the editor
  2. HunkOfJunk

    Game Crashes

    Do you have any more info you can share? such as what the issue is and how long it will take? Is it an issue with Steffen Freund as assistant manager? and if I sack him would it resolve the issue? I have tried since the update and i still have the same problem
  3. HunkOfJunk

    Game Crashes

    No, and its steffen freund
  4. HunkOfJunk

    Game Crashes

    I keep getting random crashes while playing. I have had an issue since FM13, I always used to get an FM13 has stopped working crash when i closed the game. This has continued onto FM14 aswell. On top of that I am now also getting random crash dump errors. I managed to get past a few by continually saving on each game day then re-loading and trying again if it crashed. I am now stuck on a specific date (13th November) and unable to pass. What info do you require? I have tried to delete prefrences and clear game cache/verify cache. I have uploaded my game save which is called Sean Devaney's Game Save and a crash dump file (FM 2014 v14.1.2.438049 (2013.10.31 18.57.43).dmp)
  5. Wingate & Finchley: Got them promoted in my first season. Currently sitting 2nd after 9 games but i have 3 games in hand and 7 pts behind. Spurs: Won everything I can. Have some super regens that are 21-23 and will become the greatest regens I have ever managed to get.
  6. 2nd season of Wingate & Finchley save or 16th season of my Spurs save? Which shall it be lads?
  7. Game crashed. Try number 2. Edit: I failed in attempt.
  8. Oooo, Im on it now. Lets see how it works out.
  9. HunkOfJunk


    Although them lines are still in the commentary file I believe they are not active. Somebody mentioned it in the thread about a custom commentary pack.
  10. My star Regen that I picked up at 16 became a club legend at 19 years old.
  11. HunkOfJunk

    have i just been robbed

    Gomes has got to be one of the best gks in the world. A lot of people sign his praise within the game including Gus Hiddink. Gus Hiddink Quote. Gus Hiddink has leapt to the defence of under fire Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes by insisting the stopper is ‘world-class.’ From Wiki. Gomes achieved a great amount while at PSV. He has the record for highest percentage of clean sheets in the Eredivisie, with him keeping a clean sheet in 60% of his league games for PSV. In his first season in Holland, Gomes went 16 hours and 11 minutes without conceding a goal. In the same season, Gomes went on another run without conceding any goals, this time he didn't concede a goal in 817 minutes. In his third season, 2006–07, he had again a notable streak. Gomes didn't concede in 956 minutes, which eventually played a huge part in PSV's surprise capture of the championship title. PSV won the 2006–07 title, after having the same amount of points as Ajax, but PSV finished first due to a better goal difference (+50, against +49 for Ajax). Even though those were very impressive stints, it wasn't enough to break the record of Heinz Stuy, who set the record in 1971 with 1082 minutes. Gomes did set a record, though, when in the 2007–08 season he kept a clean sheet in his first 5 games. I know the Dutch league isnt the strongest in the world but still thats a pretty impressive record. I dont think he is over rated or under rated in FM. However I think he is very under rated IRL.
  12. HunkOfJunk

    Regen Siblings

    They can't be, look at the birthdates.
  13. HunkOfJunk

    Club Legend

    That I wouldnt know, Im only in my 2nd season with them.
  14. HunkOfJunk

    Club Legend

    Thats not true, I got Wingate & Finchley promoted and I made it to the Favoured personnel list from just 1 promotion.