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  1. when you have just made a big signing and expect it to be the main story on skysports.com
  2. 1. More diverse questions/responses in press conferences. 2. More people on the transfer market, i.e. atm most of the people are only good enough for championship teams. 3. Better transfer negotiations. 4. Better player interaction; players come and talk to you personally and not just the press and vice versa, and on a frequent basis. 5. Better spread of goals (on FM09 stikers tend to score a lot less than reality with goals spread amongst midfield) 6. Improve the 3D match engine or get rid of it ( i remember hearing it would only be included if it was of the required quality, i personally dont think it is, seeing as premier manager 1998 had a better match engine) 7. Better Regens: as in most of them arent crap technically, like in FM08, and that at least some of them can use their other foot a little bit.... improved acadmies because atm not enough people seem to come through 8. Better ageing of stats. i.e. in fm08 by 2016 the england team was still very similar to the one it is now with an average age of about 34..... 9. Easier to sell players, or at least make it so that you can get inflated prices like the ones you have to pay everyone else
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