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  1. There was a post a few pages back that said to drop the centre striker into the AMC slot and on 'set to' put him as an attacking midfielder. Therefore creating a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 tactic, worked wonders for me.
  2. That Dean Bowles screenie is the biggest screenshot ive seen on these forums:D
  3. Finished my season with V6, heres the table:- Heres the difference you tactic made, the red ring shows when i switched to your tactic:- Ive lost once in the league with this tactic on the second to last game when i gave my youth a run out, before that we went on a 22 game unbeaten run. Onto the Championship we march:D (sorry for the huge images btw, my laptop will on let me post the direct image and not the thumbnails for some reason:()
  4. Yes, like you can tell when a tactic isnt working the way it should, eg your getting dominated or not creating any chances etc, i basically just switch between them when it doesnt look like im going to score.
  5. Before using Tyler's tactics:- After switching to V6 and using V5 when V6 appears to fail Im Crewe Alexandra in League one, my squad isnt anything special, before switching to these tactics I was 16th and not doing so well, I switched to these tactics and now im on a 14 game unbeaten run in the league, won the last 7 in a row, sitting in 3rd position, and just 2 points off 2nd and 8 points off 1st with 11 games to go. Its well worth noting that in the Newcastle game i was the better side 1st half and went in 1-0 up, however they came out second half and just killed me as i expected all a
  6. Im considering it sometime this weekend, ive just spent today doing 4 assignements for college, started at 10am and finished about half an hour ago, definatly think i deserve a nice long session on footy man:D
  7. Haha, fair few of my mates are leeds supporters actually:p, and this weekend im going to be following the mighty Crewe Alex as they play host to Leeds (got to make up the numbers, Leeds always fill out Gresty road)
  8. From what i remember on 9.2 if you changed both of your strikers crossing from rarely to mixed that should sort that right out:thup:
  9. Quick question tyler, for V2 what do you consider to be a small club, like mid championship or what? Also i am a mid championship side so i was wondering what are the differences between V2 and V3?
  10. Well Pointon did a season long test with the tactics and finished it at the start of the weekend with Oldham, results sounded good and the last ive heard was that he was finishing an old City save with them, theyre definatly on the way its just a matter of time. (To everyone: please dont go asking how long till theyre out)
  11. Last i heard guys was that he was trying out something new yesterday, where he was going to try a few new things with control by changing things like passing from short to direct etc, not heard anything else. Also to the many of you who have posted your e-mail addresses there isnt anything to currently test yet.
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