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  1. Cheers both of you. Hoping to get there for 10.30, really not sure what to expect in terms of how busy it will be!
  2. Anybody have any experience getting a bus from Cheltenham train station to the town centre during the festival? I've found the route maps online http://www.stagecoachbus.com/uploads/cheltenhamguide02.02.15.pdf but depending where you get on at the station it seems to do a loop and go back on itself which ideally I'd like to avoid. Can anyone recommend the best stop to get on to avoid? I'm a bit crap with buses so apologies if I'm being totally thick here :o
  3. That fall was horrible and what a shame about Thomas Chippendale. Delighted for Dandino but the fall has definitely taken the shine off it.
  4. Would love to see a good run from Dandino. Has definitely got him it in him and should be fitter for his reapperance, which may see him get in front of Universal this time round. Fancy a nice EW on him, I do feel the two market leaders are a class above the field though. Although I wouldn't be surpised that by the time Mount Athos's stamina kicks in they'll be too much for him to do if Ektihaam shoots clear entering the straight. Fascinating race to piece together.
  5. Don't suppose you've looked ahead as far as the Dante have you? Need somebody to talk me out of backing Indian Chief
  6. If I were you I'd forward your account of events onto your local paper
  7. The standard V3 without any tweaks from fm12 seems to be working just as good for me as it did in fm12 since the patch this week
  8. BobMUFC08

    Negotiating with potential employers

    If anybody does care I got the job offer on Monday, they considered it for a few hours and then said they couldn't meet what I was requiring. However, today they got back in contact with me and have offered me a 3 month trial period on the wage they were offering inititially and they would increase it to what I wanted if I met some goals they're going to set out for me. Also for the 3 months they're happy for me to keep a weekend job so I can afford to live. The way I look at it is I can't not take it really, 3 months hard graft for what I want. And even if they're arseholes and turn around after the 3 months and tell me to do one, at least I have some experience under my belt.
  9. BobMUFC08

    Negotiating with potential employers

    Oh and also obviously not specialist so fully expect them to tell me to **** off
  10. BobMUFC08

    Negotiating with potential employers

    Cheers guys I think I'm just going to have to tell them straight up, if they can't match what I need then thats that and I'll just have to find somebody who will pay what I need. For those of you wondering it's an accounting position at AAT training level, effectively an apprenticeship as far as the wage goes, however the work required for this particular job is far more diversified and I would be responsible for a lot more things than you are likely to find for the majority similar positions. Oh and gooders obviously nothing is ever 100% but the two business development managers put the successful candidate (me) forward after interview to meet the finance director which I did this weekend, she ok'd me and said she'll have the two business development managers call me and finalise the details Monday.
  11. Hello all, I'm going to be getting a job offer at some point this week. However the money on offer just isn't viable financially for me at all. Without sounding like a greedy so and so how do I say to them I can't take the job as I can't afford to live on what they're offering, I mean literally I cannot make ends meet on what they're offering me. I know they've already worked out their budgets and what they plan on paying me is factored into that, and I'm completely fine with them potentially saying "we can't afford to offer you anymore we're sorry, we'll have to look for somebody else". But seriously how do I politely say unless you can offer me more I just can't afford to take the job, or is the best way to come straight out and say it and not beat around the bush?
  12. BobMUFC08

    Job interview help

    I didn't end up getting the job no. We exchanged pleasantries and that was that. I was just glad to be given the courtesy of them letting me know, as there are plenty of companies out there at the minute who's treatment towards unsuccessful candidates is completely out of order from what I've heard online. However there is a silver lining in the fact I potentially have another job, but I need to start a new thread for that :o
  13. BobMUFC08

    Job interview help

    Cheers for the input guys. Guess the only thing I can do is wait now, just a bit crap I have no idea where I stand in my chance of getting the job, plus I hate the thought of being strung along for a week if I genuinely have no chance. I'll let you all know what happened when I find out anyway.
  14. BobMUFC08

    Job interview help

    So really whether it is second interviews, more interviews arranged after the initial interviews, or she just doesn't want to tell people they've been unsuccessful yet, I'm right to assume I have nearly no chance of getting this job and should just write it off?