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  1. The standard V3 without any tweaks from fm12 seems to be working just as good for me as it did in fm12 since the patch this week
  2. BobMUFC08

    FM11: Crewe Alexandra Thread

    Slightly bewildered at my current Crewe game at the moment. Start of season I said I'd try top half finish so the board gave me around 70k to spend I think, then in January I'm top so they offer me the chance to change my expectations, so I say I'll win it and the board increase my budget to 750k. Now I've just been promoted to league one and they've decided to increase my budget by 1.7million, giving me 2.5million to spend, I was stuggling to spend the initial 70k at the start of the season ffs. Can't spend the money anyway like because the balance is 2million but never had this kind of money coming to me first season with Crewe on previous FMs
  3. Rooney handed in a transfer request at the start of the window, I accepted and a month later nobody had made an offer for him yet, hope he withdraws it soon.
  4. Having such a nightmare because of Ravel Morrison. Just refuses to be tutored by anyone. Then they get in a huff about it and morale goes down. Because morale for key players goes down we mess up in games and the whole squads morale goes down. Trying to sort it out but its just not happening. Oh and asked the board to sign me Bale because my negotiations weren't going great and Gill has gone and paid £43million for him, FFS
  5. Just started a new game, going to be focusing on United's youth mainly rather than buying. At the momement Rafael, Fabio, Rav Morrison, Pogba, Tuncliffe, Cleverley, Smalling, Will Keane, Macheda and Welbeck all have futures at the club. Plus I have a huge injury crisis at the moment so most will have an early oppurtunity to prove themselves. Unfortunatly for other players such as Josh King, Matt James, Petrucci and a few others I don't have time to develop them into the squad players they will probably become, so out on loan until I can get a good price or they develop they can go. Undecided on whether to develop Van Vezlen, will see what regens I get through next year. Oh and Will Keane bags two against Real Madrid in a pre season friendly
  6. Got a week off uni next week, a release before Saturday would be fantastic, although doubtful
  7. BobMUFC08

    Ban Suarez for Life

    Joke right? What player wouldn't have done that for their country, even the other player on the line tried to save it with his hand ffs
  8. BobMUFC08

    Group H - Spain v Switzerland (KO 3.00pm)

    Love it, first game of the cup I've really enjoyed, love seeing an entire team defending like their lives depend on it
  9. BobMUFC08

    Opening Match thread - South Africa vs Mexico

    Love how free everybody in the ceremony seems, in past ceremonys I remember everybody acting like robots and trying to be in sync, these Africans are really enjoying it:thup:
  10. BobMUFC08

    Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    There was a post a few pages back that said to drop the centre striker into the AMC slot and on 'set to' put him as an attacking midfielder. Therefore creating a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 tactic, worked wonders for me.
  11. BobMUFC08

    Price of game

    It seems your in a minority, since when did they have to know in store prices off the top of their heads?
  12. BobMUFC08

    Price of game

    How much more help do you think he needed, Serpico took the time to link the OP to both website where he could find out the price. Which was a lot more than you did...
  13. BobMUFC08

    Stadium seating colour

    Think Miles mentioned it in one of his blogs or on the podcast, it was either code every single teams actual colour into the seats which was a pain in the arse I think or have them all grey, it was do it properly or not at all and they voted not at all, didn't rule it out for FM11 though, pretty sure I didn't dream all that but I could be wrong:rolleyes: Fwiw I actually like having the grey seats because the fans are so colourful and mixed, and by having coloured seats as well it may look like a 5 year old has gone crazy with some crayons
  14. BobMUFC08

    Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Love it, best pack I've used for 09 so far, I don't even think I've found a player who hasn't got a picture yet:D