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  1. English Hero

    Oh thats so long, thanks anyway!
  2. wondering to achieve this achievement, would i have to take a team from blue square south/north to the premiership, or would from league two to the premiership be enough? considering it says from bottom league to top league and officially blue square isn't league football.
  3. I noticed you fixed the tutorial achievements, any news on the other ones? thanks for the quick work, hoping its gonna be awesome!
  4. English Hero Achievement

    SI, don't comment on any of the Achievement issues for some reason, im assuming its a steam problem, so there unsure what the problem is themselves
  5. Can you rewind your game?

    Nope, unless you have a back up save, like V1, V2 or V3, your game is stuck like that
  6. i have had success, with a 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 (which ever way you look at it) both of them wer in the MC support roles, one was advance, one was deep laying, I'm currently trying to adapt the formation so that it suits a 4-2-3-1 chelsea style formation where the play makers will be one in MC (deep laying) and the other in AMC (advance), of course it always depends on the players, and where the situations benefit them, but i see no reason why you cannot get it to work correctly for you.
  7. hey...im not sure if this is the correct forum to post in, but I'm having some issues gaining my achievements, I have won the Spanish league with Real Madrid, went a season unbeaten, i gained the invincible achievement, but i haven't gained the Champion achievement, which i don't quiet understand i also haven't received achievements for doing that tutorials and i completed the survival challenge with Tottenham and did not receive my achievement for that either, although i did complete that whilst on the Beta version any help would be great thanks
  8. Thanks, i've started this season pretty well winning first 10 games, but thought better to seek advice to make the team better, because on 2012 i was bossing with this formation, but not so much on 2013, however i noticed what you mean about the shouts, i've actually never used them before, so hoping thats why i haven't been at a peak thansk again man!
  9. rashidi1 thanks for the great advice mate! i will have a little re construction later, i included the counter attacking option because i thought it was more like the old way man utd used to counter attack when they had Ronaldo, its not to sit back, but its to be able to use the counter attack effectively when defending corners and free kicks, as you only tick it i didn;t think it would effect my team mentality that much, but thanks for clearing that up abit more for me
  10. Thanks iam, i have changed the striker role, but not to poacher i changed it to complete forward seems to be doing the trick Falaco has already scored more than he did last season and im only 10 games in. Noel, thanks you make a very good point, altho my goals are coming from counter attacks, and i'm not having trouble controlling the game or even attacking, most games i hhave 20 odd shots, just not finishing the goals off, which i think i may have fixed, however i will change and maybe just add the counter attacking in a plan B formation for when im not in control of my matches thanks to both of you
  11. Im currently playing with Real Madrid, with a 4-3-3 formation (or 4-5-1 depending on how you look at things) now i haven't changed much from my 2012 formation altho i have recently changed from advance forward to poacher because Falaco prefers that, i have played two seasons, finished 2nd both times, this season i scored 79 goals conceding 17, on football manager 2012 i was scoring about 110 with barcelona so im not sure why im losing 30 odd goals. i play with both full backs in supports defensive midfielder is an anchor man set to defend with my two CM being play markers, one deep laying the other being advanced, both support attacking midfield both right and left are inside forwards with the striker being a poacher play fluid and attacking football counter attack and offside trap are played i have a wealth full of talent, so much that i cant actually think of a signing which will improve my team, so do i continue as i am hoping next season i can win the league? (only finished behind Barca by 4 points) or are there any changes you think can help me out? as once the game comes out i will be looking to start a new career mode with a team smaller than Madrid so looking to get this right
  12. Is this formation available on the new tactic format? i don't really like the way the old one sets up with arrows and stuff (just a preference on appearance i guess), but interested in using this formation because it looks really good.
  13. Any one had much success with this formation? i'm quiet interested in it, wondering how people have got on
  14. Hey guys, i have been playing fm 12 since it came out really, but went to play it today and for some reason it wont load, i click play and it says steam launching but then nothing happens, ive been reading around the forums but i cant find a solution, im using a MAC and on this forum i found how to solve the problem for PC which said i had to verify game catche which i did, however it didnt work can anybody help? thanks in advance
  15. mate i seem to be conceding quiet alot of goals, any reason for this? im ipswich and strugling in the championship, i started off okay, i always concede goals really early on, and sometimes am like 2-0 down after 15 min, but i always pull it back, so far i played 11, won 3, drawn 4, lost 4, have not won in the last 7 games tho any advice?