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  1. Passing This is something that really needs to be improved. Currently, tactics just don't seem to allow us to be able to get a team to play the way we want. Too many players hoofing the ball when they're world class etc. We should be able to tell players how we want them to play, a smooth passing game, long ball, quick passes etc etc. The tactics currently just don't allow us this level of flexibility.
  2. I agree with this, I signed about 7 youngsters in my January transfer window, 1st board confidence update afterwards and the board aren't happy with my performance in signings and the fans are disappointed too, all these players are under 18. Plus, in my 1st team at the moment I have 11 players I have signed as youngsters and developed into 1st team players. Surely my fans should be saying "Are pleased at the prospect of XXX playing for the team in future"??
  3. Yeah I agree, I always thought it should be: MLC and MRC for 2 central MC's, and also strikers, SRC and SLC, and of course DRC and DLC
  4. Ok, so at the moment the board don't seem to be able to comprehend what my transfer budget will be for next season, which is causing me problems. Here's why: So it's the start of February in my game, I'm currently at the max of my wage budget, when I go to sign players on a Bosman I am unable to offer decent wages because of my current wage budget. But, I wont be signing them until June, 4 months from now, I'm 7 points top of the French 2nd Division so I'm 90% certain of getting promotion, and also I wont be renewing the contracts of several of my current players, yet the board don't seem to know this, why? As I said I'm 90% certain of promotion, now it's my 1st season, my contract expires at the end of the season and so perhaps the board are being cautious. Now, if they're worried about me leaving then why don't they offer me a new contract now so they can check that I'll be planning on staying and so giving them reassurances. In terms of wage budgets, why can't I say to the board "Player X, Y and Z's contract will not be renewed when it expires", this means that they should be able to "free up" some of my next seasons wages so I can start planning for next season now. Of course, if I were then to offer these players new contracts then they'd have to be taken into account. 1. If next seasons wage budget wasn't "full up", then there wages would be taken out of it, so recalculating the wage budget. 2. If the wage budget is full, then they should restrict the amount I can offer those players, same as what happens now with potential new signings. Then, at the end of season, the board could once again recalculate the finances of the club and perhaps free up more wages for more potential signings or if I'm now over my budget demand that I reduce the wage budget to a more reasonable size. Now, I'm not saying that the board should allow predict that my wage budget will change next season, but allow me to "swap" players within my wage budgets so I can start building for the following season. I.E. "Player X is currently on £12k a month, I wont be renewing his contract, but I will be signing Player A and paying him £10k a month, so that free's up £2k a month"
  5. Jock. You play FM differently than I play FM, if I were to test the game then I wouldn't probably find the same bugs as you would. Bugs occur and will always occur, every PC game that is released has them, the best that can happen is that testing is done to minimise them and for SI to realise these bugs and release a patch/patches.
  6. Recently I was trying to buy a player, he was worth £200k, but I only had £90k. The AI were willing to negotiate over "performance" payments (I.E. Promotion, goals etc), however they wouldn't accept less than £100k as an initial payment. Well, due to me not having that extra £10k I couldn't sign him. So, perhaps we could mark certain parts of a transfer negotiation as "non-negotiable" So, say I were to buy this player with this idea. AI - Wants: Initial payment - £100k Promotion - £50k 20 Goals - £30k 30 Appearances - £30k Total - £210k. ME - Has Initial payment - £90k NN (Non-negotiable) Promotion - £60k N (Negotiable) 20 Goals - £30k N (Negotiable) 30 Appearances - £30k N (Negotiable) Total £210k So the AI should know how much we're willing/able to pay for each part of a transfer payment and will stop wasting time asking for too much money on certain parts. Also, if the AI kept including monthly payments, we could mark that as NN (Non-Negotiable) to show that we're not willing to include that in transfer negotiations.
  7. Club Diary I did suggest something like this a while ago, SI have said that this is an area they are looking to improve on, something similar to the OOTP diary currently in use. However, I do agree that the game doesn't seem to put internationals on at a sensible time. I've had CL finals where 5 players have been missing due to international call-ups.
  8. This is an area I'd love to see improved, at the moment it's very poor and needs a lot of work. Just a few ideas of the top of my head, if SI like this then perhaps more ideas could be discussed. Extension options - Sign a player on a 3yr (or however long) contract with the option to retain him for longer or being able to release him. Means we can release players without having to pay them off if we don't take up the option plus it means we may not lose players on Bosman's as we can retain them. Injury wages - When Woodgate signed for Newcastle, part of his contract was that if he was injured he didn't get paid, this could be very useful with players who have a history of injuries and are desperate to get a contract with a decent team.
  9. How about being able to set rules for players? I know that Mourinho does it at Chelsea, so perhaps we could have one. Rules such as... Automatic fine for a suspension due to totting up of yellow cards. Automatic fine for red cards. Automatic fine for missing training. Etc etc. This could mean that players could reject working with us as managers as they perceive us being too strict or too relaxed with players and they feel they wouldn't want to work in that environment.
  10. I have suggested for a while now that SI should consider putting in rule changes, well sensible rule changes. Such as: Increasing number of subs in England from 5 to 7. Removal of away goal ruling. Number of relegation/Promotion places increased/decreased Number of foreigners regulated. Homegrown players for the league. All these are ideas that have been discussed in real life, if they were to be introduced by the game, they would be introduced with several years notice in some cases (such as homegrown players) and in intervals. I think it would be good, as has been shown, some players play up until 2040 and the rules in the game stay the same, which as we know in real life doesn't happen.
  11. At the moment, we don't hear anything from a club that is loaning our players, either during or after the loan, would it be a bad idea to make it so they did? If we send a player on a season long loan, a once a month review would be nice. Something along the lines of... Player X has been brilliant for us this month, if he keeps improving like he his, he's a star for the future Player X has had a poor season, his performances have dropped and he's not playing as well as we'd like or as good as he can be Player X has been injured this month, he is recovering well with our physio's Or end of season review... Player X was an integral player for us, his performances have helped to qualify for Europe. We really think that his performances at this level means that he you should consider him for your 1st team next season Player X had a poor season, although he's young, we don't see him featuring for a club of your stature in the future Can we have it so we can see how our players are improving whilst on loan? The little red and green arrows would be great. If you want, only implement it if we have scout reports active, as they're being watched every game, so the scout should be able to see how they're improving.
  12. I'm not the biggest fan of the new training SI implemented, that's not to say it should be removed, more that I think it's too vague. How about being able to tell a player to improve a certain area of his game? At the moment I have no decent free kick specialists, the best I have is poor to say the least, yet unless I buy a player to fill that role I'm stuck. Why can't I say for example, I want you too... Work on your free kicks Do extra speed training Practice penalties etc etc. I know that I *could* set up a whole new training schedule for him, but that's no guarantee that he'll work on those specific areas.
  13. As FMDownloads seems to have been hacked, does anyone know where I can get V4 from? I am using the old version with some success, but would like to try the improved version. Cheers.
  14. In regards to choosing the correct target man, I'm playing as Arsenal, I've signed Yakubu, so I've got him, Henry and Adebayor. None of them are suited to playing as a target man with mixed passing. If you change it to "to feet" or "into space" you may have some better luck.
  15. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by mrjvp: what to do when you are 2-0 or 3-0 ahead. I don;t change tactics and computer always comes back. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Although it doesn't happen everytime, I've noticed this as well.
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