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  1. Legends V1 [FM12]

    Been looking for a good one of these for a while. I appreciate the effort but only 5/10 for me. All the legends have been created with a 10 for professionalism and ambition, resulting in few (if any) ever reaching the dizzying heights that their PA would suggest, which for me either means I wait for another legends database or I spend time with FMRTE adjusting each and every one of them, which I don't really have the time or energy for. No disrespect to the creator of the database, since other than that it looks to be a fine job - any chance this can easilly be sorted?
  2. Playing without steam

    I've no intention of putting it on 2 PC's - I just want to ensure that when my broadband goes down again that I can still play! Where's the offline thingy on steam then?
  3. Playing without steam

    where's offline mode? on steam you mean?
  4. Playing without steam

    yes (more characters)
  5. Hi, I'm sure this has been discussed before but for the life of me I can't find it using the search function. Anyone know how to play the game without connecting to steam? Thanks.
  6. I agree with them not being accurate. How much has come out of your in game bank accounts so far on the £200odd million debt that is incorrectly attached to the club? In real life the amount is zero and the debt is not secured on the club (if indeed there is a debt at all). Your £130m figure looks accurate based on around 47% wages to turnover (which by the way is the lowest in the league). I don't think the initial budgets are at all wrong since I don't believe the Glazers would give the £70-£100m currently available to Fergie if needed (based on our bank balance of £150m) to a new manager, but I do think that the innacuracy's in the debt and the long term payment of it do affect the team in the game adversely.
  7. Utd fan here playing Spurs at the moment...... Well I started my first game as Utd but then saw that the debt was over £800m - how is it possible to deal with that and still make a fist of things? The actual debt for Utd currently is £509m (or £350m if you include the £150m sat in our bank account) and is in the form of a bond issue, with interest at £45m/year. With an EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, deductions and amortisations) currently at £100m and growing, this should leave around £60m in the club each season. The Glazers are allowed to take £25m (although they have yet to take out any dividend in real life) leaving £35m as a minimum per season for investment - I'm presuming that this isn't the case in the game. The PIK's (the £200m+ debt figure attached to Utd in the game) have been paid and therefore proven to have nothing to do with Utd (as David Gill has insisted for a good while now). This was Glazer personal debt which they have dealt with by not using any of Utd's money. Clearly SI have got this one wrong - seems they have listened to the media bollocks about the debt or perhaps MUST - either way Manchester United's debt is much smaller than suggested on the game and has been for the past couple of FM's. Anyone know if this is to be rectified in the next patch?
  8. Legends Database 2009 - It's Out

    Hi - cheers for the quick response. I've worked around the issue now but had to leave out Teddy Sheringham - oh well....let's hope I don't play Bayern Munich in the CL final!!! I'm not sure I know what you mean by 'go on holiday until the expired date'???? I take it you can't fix this with FMRTE then. No worries! Would love a couple of the Hungarians at the start but I can understand why you did this from your previous post. Again...welll done.
  9. Legends Database 2009 - It's Out

    Great database mate - very well done. I currently have Man Utd (can't wait for Best and Edwards to step up - Charlton already has!!). The problem I'm having seems to be in the status of some of the players, such as Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Teddy Sheringham and Dennis Irwin. The first 2 should be home grown players and the second two should be trained in nation. I am currently unable to register the team I have worked hard to put together due to these players not being registered correctly - does anyone know how to change this - I have FMRTE if that helps. I've also noticed several players who don't reach their PA - Zidane being one of them. I'm going to suggest that it has nothing to do with training facilities since there are several players from Bordeaux who do reach their PA. Rivaldo, Schiaffino, Buffon, Matthaus (to name but a few) are some more with exactly the same issue as Zidane. Before making any purchases I always check to make sure they reach their potential. I hope the above is taken as constructive since I think you've done a fab job with the database and it has added a month or two playability for me. Thanks!