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  1. It would depend on the club and would be part of your contract negotiations like style of play is. RM Mourinho has a bit more leeway at first. Ancelotti not so much. Alan Curbishley left because the club went over his head with sell and buying players.
  2. 1) PA Range that narrows as player gets older until it is a fixed PA. 2) Add nations. 3) Adjust nation population. 4) Women's League. 5) Player not getting pissed when you put them in reserves and youth before pressing continue. 6) Search by personality. 7) Foreign youth academies. 8) Play as Club Owner. 9) Player as Director of Football (I pretty much play as this as I use my Assistant Manager to play matches). Its basically what FMC is anyways. 10) Players not playing first team football should not rot in reserves. Some do but clubs wouldn't want their wages on the bill. Sell, cancel contract or loan out more even if it is for free.
  3. 20,000,000 Plus Fan Mission!

    Fair enough. I added some rules and changed all the goals. It should be more interesting now.
  4. 20,000,000 Plus Fan Mission! Your Mission: You have been asked to "volunteer" by the Chairman himself for this mission. Chongqing one of the fastest growing cities in the world and currently the largest. The Chairman has "asked" you to make a club worthy of Chongqing and of all of China. The Chairman notes that you have a potential fan base of 20 million people. The Scenario: Game Start Date: February 2012 Load Players from Nationalities: Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau The Clubs: Chongqing Lifan or Chongqing FC The League: Chinese Superleague and Chinese First Division Database Size: Large Options: All options can be on. The Goal (Domestic): The Chairman wishes for you to start by uniting all of China. - Primary Objective: Build the largest stadium in China. - Secondary Objective: Win the Chinese Superleague. - Other Objectives: Develop the best training facilities, youth facilities, youth coaching and recruitment in China. The Goal (International): The Chairman wishes for you to prove to the world Chinese greatest. - Primary Objective: Build the world's largest stadium. - Secondary Objective: Win the Asian Champions League and FIFA World Club Cup. - Other Objectives: Develop the best training facilities, youth facilities, youth coaching and recruitment in the World. The Goal (Nationalist): The Chairman needs the support of the Nationalist factions of the Party. - Nationalist Objective: 51% of Chinese National Team is from a club in your city (born or plays). - Ultra-Nationalist Objective: No nationalized Chinese players in addition to Nationalist Objective. - National Pride Objective: Prove to the Chairman your players are great, beyond doubt. Do not manage the Chinese National Team. - Ultra-National Pride Objective: China Wins the World Cup while meeting the Nationalist or Ultra-Nationalist Objectives. The Goal (Patriot): China needs to put a club on the map in order to help it become the world's largest economy. The earliest estimates are 2020. While other state by 2030. - Ultra-Patriotic Objective: Achieve all other objectives before 2020. - Patriotic Objective: Achieve all other objectives before 2030. The Goal (Greater Chinese): China seeks to reassert it's power over all Chinese land. - Greater Chinese Objective: Have one player born in each of the following areas: Chinese Taipei, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau (They all count as Chinese Nationals for Nationalist Objective) The Goal (Spy): The Chinese Ministry of State Security approaches you with an objective. It needs to expand it's level of intelligence. Note: This message will self destruct in five seconds... - Spy Objective: Get a foreigner into your National Team or a Chinese into a foreign National Team. - Top Spy Objective: Get a Westerner into your National Team or a Chinese into a foreign National Team. - Super Spy Objective: Get a British Commonwealth national into your National Team or a Chinese into one of the British Commonwealth National Teams. - Legendary Spy Objective: Get an American into your National Team or get a Chinese into the American National Team. The Rules: - Manager nationality must be only Chinese. Automatic reputation or whatever would be lower. - Majority of first team must be Chinese players. - Starting 11: No more than 5 foreigners - Match Squad: No more than 8 foreigners - Leagues: Load only Chinese Leagues (mainland). No foreign leagues. - No Database Changes except when adding one custom Assistant Manager. - No FMRTE or Editors - Cannot get sacked. If you get sacked, you have failed the Chairman and your country.
  5. Does sound kind of odd but wait until you get promoted. Simply put. You get more attention winning a league than saving a team from relegation. Luton was a bigger club than Southend. So it might just need to wait until the end of the season.
  6. Is this guy a striker?

    See how many goals a season he scores as an MC. If he has 1:2 goal ratio keep him there. After all with that many goals from midfield that you wouldn't have. You can find another striker to give you tons of goals but how many give you tons from an MC position? One of the reasons SAF lost to Barca in the final. He played Rooney as an AML and Ronaldo as a Striker. I rather have 50 goals a season from a winger plus another 25 from a striker than 50 from a striker and 5 from a winger. Thus it's better to have lets say 20 from MC plus the striker goals than just 5 or so from an MC position.
  7. U23 not working

    I created a new league system in Kazakhstan (I changed the entire country to a new country). Anyway, I added the U23 Teams for the Senior Teams in the 2nd and 3rd divisions. Only problem is when the U23 play they don't have the same restrictions as the U23 Teams in the Bundesliga does. So the 3rd divisions is just like the 3rd division in Germany. Senior Teams with a few U23 Teams from like Dortmund or w/e. In the German U23 teams there is a limit on how many over 23 player can play. My U23 in the custom Kazakhstan does not have those restrictions. Note I only want the U23 teams to have those restrictions not the other regular teams. Just like the Bundesliga does. Any ideas why the restrictions aren't automatically showing up?
  8. Brazilian league question?

    Truth is Sao Paulo and Santos have always been the core of the Brazilian national team. There was a time recently that the entire squad for the World Cup came out of the Sao Paulo and Santos academy. Flamengo and Fluminese also have amazing academies along with Internacional and Gremio.
  9. Going on holiday and PC turns off!

    I need to install 11.2.1 so I can play that DB. Because installing only 11.3 I get only the 11.3 transfers. Which is unrealistic playing January transfers in June/July. I cleaned my PC last week and I know it's not overheating for sure. I installed a new power supply, could that be it? But again it only happens with 11.3 and no other version.
  10. Going on holiday and PC turns off!

    Nah i don't allow it to do that.
  11. Whenever I go on holiday for more than a week in 11.3 the game turns off. I did a clean install. And put in 11.2.1 and then 11.3. I don't use steam. Never had a problem with 11.2.1. Happens with FMRTE and WITHOUT FMRTE. I'm not using a crack either. It is only 11.3 that is a problem. Happens with any save. My computer can run the game just fine as it ran 11.2.1 and FM2010. And my computer is not overheating.
  12. If you don;t like the idea then don't use it. I can be an option.
  13. Can't sell domestic national players. And everyone wants a new contract.
  14. I have had it up to here!!

    SI acknowledged this as a bug and said they would fix it for the 11.3 patch. Hopefully they do.
  15. sigh... SI has already admitted the transfer market is busted and is going to fix it in the next patch.