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  1. Could you also please try to fix the "bug" when there is a disallowed goal.. The game reacts differently and you can instantly see that the goal will be disallowed.. I would like that to go away..
  2. The no-stats option that Erismus brought up would be a very welcome addition, so i am backing that 100% Press conferences needs to be edited a whole lot, first of all if you are a lower league club, u usually don't have press conferences before every game.. Some of the big clubs likely only have a weekly press conference on a certain day a week.. second of all, i think we are all tired of answering the same questions all the time.. Blodlines, maybe instead of or as an addition to favoured personel, i would like to see who this persons father/son/brother. Contracts for national team managers, assistant managers, psysios etc., now you are just hired and make in an option when you take a national team job to resign from your current club team. Make players respect their squad status more, its often you sign a player as a backup and when he doesnt get playing time, he will start being upset - but then he shouldnt have accepted the squad status in the contract. Contract negotiations, especially players who are extending their contracts, as they often have no problem going 40-50% down in wages, even if they are still young. Chairman profiles would be a nice addition as well. Job interviews, when being considered for a new job, discuss expectations there already along with your visions for the club and why they should hire you. When declaring interest in another job, make fans and club boards more understanding that you have ambitions to move to bigger clubs.
  3. Add assistant managers and coaches to the U21/U19 teams, so they seperate from the senior squad.. Add relegation and promotion in Youth Leagues.. - At least in the country where they are built like that... i.e Denmark "Under the radar" don't have to be viewable tables but rankings on where youre U14-15-16 teams rank in the country Add reputation to players in the search bar.. Not only managers/coaches Make the reputation less important for clubs when assigning new managers, i see all the time that big time players gets huge manager jobs when no experience in maneging at all.. Profiles for owners, directors - what style are they.. Strict.. Laid back.. maybe even wealth? Day 2 Day or weekly training breakdowns by your assistant manager..
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