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  1. Yeah, the best conversion rate for game events (in real life) is when a shot or delivery is defended in the box, but the clearance does not remove the ball from the box (ie, ball is knocked down into the box by whatever means: deflection, woodwork, keeper parry, defender block, etc). If you were designing a superior tactic you would try to generate as much of these events as possible. Shooting from range often produces such events. The attacking side banks on their ability to react quicker (and generally, they can, unless against the very best of defenders). This is probably why managers do not ever (or very rarely) instruct players to never shoot from range. In my experience with this FM, though, I have seen plenty of these fumbles inside the box, so I'm not sure I'd agree they are missing from the game (though perhaps they were more common in recent previous years).
  2. Unfortunately the team with the most posession, shots, corners, or even the team that is considered the downright favourite on paper, does not really have that much of an advantage in football. SI try to get as close to emulating the game's production of statistics as it can, but they have also (correctly) moved the game away from directly divining results in line with those stats (or at least, far enough away to again resemble reality). If anyone really wants to get into football/sports statistics in a big way, they should read The Numbers Game, it pretty much puts to bed a lot of myths about conversion rates from certain stats, such as those talked about in this thread. Not conceding is worth more than scoring, statistically. It boils down to manager philosophy as to how much emphasis they place on playing attacking football versus defending their own goal, but a good team (and tactic) is built on a good defence. I think the issue is being correctly interpreted by posters who say that too many CCCs are being generated. The stat has been in the game for a long time, but it has been more accurate and reliable. Of course, this mostly affects those players who like to sim through seasons very quickly. For those who watch the matches in whatever detail this is less of an issue; you can see how you team is playing, whether they are really generating chances, and the quality of those chances. Something I'd note is that the ME does seem to consider a lot of frivolous (non-) chances highlight worthy, and it also likes to say chances 'would have been a great goal' WAY more this version, usually for ridiculous punts from 30 yards which go out for a throw in.
  3. There's always been periods of the year where other teams are more open to the idea of proposed friendlies. Though it does sound like it's a bug or a bit too difficult to arrange, if they also have no fixtures (but the AI might assume they can't host friendlies during the season). For normal procedure, arrange your friendlies early in the Summer, before your players even come back from their break (this also means you can get the jump on setting up your desired friendlies/tours). You can do it before you get next season's calendar, just load the fixture list and arrange the friendlies.
  4. I'd like to know this too. It's far too useful a feature for it to have been deliberately removed (and the notepad is still there, and you can still save notes for some things) - particularly for saving results of training, scout reports, or just random highlights from the news. My previous FM saves are littered with hundreds of saved notes and its fun to go back and read things sometimes.
  5. Ah, I came to ask about refs too. Is there no way the game checks rep of leagues or refs when assigning them? Maybe it's a bug that FM14 assigns too high rated refs to lower leagues or custom leagues. It's a shame it doesn't generate newgen refs like it used to (I came from FM09 and it was working fine). Aside from that, I've been playing your mod with my local team in tier 7, a lot of fun but extremely difficult given how non-contracts work, it seems like your players are constantly being poached. The only few improvements I could think of would be to look into income and wages at that level and specify them for clubs, to give a bit more financial realism (for example it's weird to be getting paid 40k/yr and putting the club into debt...).
  6. Harmonica

    In-Game Editor

    Can't find a concrete feature list anywhere, so not sure if it's a thing, but it would be nice to be able to change the colours of competitions/screens in the game. After having started a game (and spent time in the editor), I usually run into a few competitions eventually during a save game that have weird colours for their pages, and it would be nice to be able to tweak them 'live'. It's not something that's worth restarting a save game for when you're already weeks or months into it
  7. I assume this question is asking if you can play poacher on academy graduate trialists at other clubs? I'd like to know that too, I assume you'd have to shortlist and wait to see if they are released. If not - then it is very easy to have a scout with high potential skill search only for young players when assigning scout tasks. I typically scout the U18 league competitions constantly and it turns up a few quality finds per season (whether they are already on a pre-contract or not is another thing...) You can do the attribute-specific youth search already too. Find the button on the add scouting assignment screen that lets you specify restrictions. Beware that 95% of all scouts will be next to useless at finding very specific players, or scouting anywhere you haven't a) added a country to the game save database, or b) run an active league (and you need youth leagues too).
  8. The ability to filter out the 'chaff' so to speak (don't let the players hear that) is going to be a real boon. I loathe having to negotiate crappy one-season contracts for the useless youth newgens (cheaper) - but this keeps the micro-micro management aspect alive plus makes it more realistic and time saving. Brilliant addition. I like the attribute changes if they are well balanced (racial physical attribs too or not going there?) Nice to hear Miles talk about balancing those of us who strive for the "hands on: 20" rating and those who think that's too crazy! Question: I like selling the crappy youth for pocket change, are the trialists going to leave on frees? edit: related other question, can we now ask our scouts to assess our team? Apologies if this has been added already since I play FM09. It is rare to find a coach who is good AND has 20/20 vision for potential. And it's stupid the manager can't ring up head scout to look at a youth system player (assmans are rarely good at potential I find).
  9. Yeah, those are all great ideas. I would love some custom macros in FM. Even better if the game can track the team's familiarity with your shouted commands (as I believe it does with tactical decisions you make during games - you get better, controlled performances if you are tactically consistent, and make relatively few astute adjustments per match) I like the idea of having team-relative slider settings on player position pages. A selector: absolute/team relative. A slider, from -10 -> +10 (with 0 being the middle/mixed/balanced setting, what is currently 10). Interestingly: if anyone has tried fudging their own per-player settings into the XML file (recommended), you might notice that what you put in that xml file is adjusts the sliders one value lower than what you would expect. Ie, 10 actually sets the sliders to one below the middle (9), the middle setting from the games point of view is 11. I think this is because the minimum value is 0, but it visually appears the same as 1 (the slider takes two clicks to move from the left). I play with FM09 so I'm not sure if this is a bug which has been corrected later - or am I wrong to consider the mid-point 10? If you specify 20 then it actually sets the slider to MAX, you'd expect it to be 19 though..
  10. Well that's a problem with the difference between roles, formation, and the tactical sliders underneath. This is why I still kind of prefer FM09 (and play it over the newer games), since all you've got are the sliders. I like any attempts to make the game more pick up and play and intuitive for newcomers, but I feel it's kind of gone sideways for people who've lived with the game for years, rather than progressing. I guess sliders are here to stay, because it's hard to think of ways you can get away from the numbers aspect of implementing football tactic design. BUT, I would prefer (as discussed above), each player gets a role-design screen on their profile/somewhere, then you simply drag them onto the pitch on match day. If they've been given the role of a centerback, you put them on the pitch at the half-way line, they'll still be a centerback, they'll just play pushed up. Or maybe they're a holding DM, you put them in exactly same place, they play on the halfway line covering the defense. Move them up the pitch to where you might expect a box-to-box midfielder to play, they won't suddenly BE A CM (as currently), they will just look to hold the ball higher up, close higher up, tackle players higher up, and generally BE higher up the pitch. You might say that 'you can shift players around currently using mentality/other settings' - true, but you shouldnt have to adjust mentality to actually physically tell you players to get their arse to another area of the pitch! In real life if your manager shouts at you as an individual to float further to the wings, you do it, but you don't suddenly think about becoming more or less attacking or changing your role in the team! There would be no fixed positions, within reason - I imagine it like in football games like Pro Evo, you couldn't drop a CB into the opponent penalty area, there's a bounding box. Same for the rest: give a player the role of a fake winger/inside forward, but instead of merely placing him in his assigned AMR or FR/FL 'slot' and having that dictate his role, you can place him on the pitch where you want and that entails things like how much he tracks back, how narrow he sets up when in posession, what runs he makes, and so on. Champ Man had it right in their last iteration, the digital whiteboard with the passing arrows and the individualised player commands. Shame their match engine was a bit rubbish so it kind of fell apart.
  11. Once you've been playing with the same players and tactic for a season or so then it does become a fairly quick process to instantly set slider positions to the right place when you bring on a replacement sub - but totally agree that this feature is something that I always find myself wanting every now and again, and would add to the feeling of coaching your players properly. Also - it's highly annoying to suddenly remember you forgot to swap some slider settings as you see a different player subbed on and playing not how you want him to do! I also think it could be more a feature, in line with the specific training schedules you can use with players, if the players were given specific roles outside of the tactics screen, and you could interact with them to see if they were happy with their role. I think that this kind of changes goes hand in hand with hopefully at some point FM moving towards separating the formation screen from tactical roles (at the moment it's more a case of it being a illustration of roles and not a true reflection of formation). I think FM should take up (the last) CM's tactics screen allowing flexible positioning and run arrows and so on - a bit like a whiteboard in the dressing room. This is only true to the extent that good players will be able to fit into a tactic you set up without too much problem, but if you want to get the absolute best out of individual players, some sliders might have to be changed if they are subbed/brought on. For example, I even make changes as small as lowering the creative freedom by 1 for players who are ever so slightly weaker mentally (but otherwise nearly identical). Players perform at their best when they are using the same tactics week in week out.
  12. I too have thought about adding this, because I always have to remember to check motivation right before half time team talks. If nobody else has a crack at it I might do it over the weekend.
  13. Harmonica

    Game lag?

    No. I found a better thread in the tech forum: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=161196 It seems like this is a genuine issue affecting a lot of us. My processor is AMD, but I also have DDRII SDRAM, not sure if that's the problem.
  14. Harmonica

    Game lag?

    Same for me. *snip* - posted my info into the tech forum instead.
  15. Harmonica

    English Northern League Logos

    I've downloaded a complete logo pack for 7-9 and it's mint quality... you guys might want to avoid duplicating work that people have already done.
  16. If it's anything like other parts of the game, the widths are stored in some arcane way in another file, and it will probably control all the columns of Motivation in the game (even in the match widgets). I'm impressed you managed to edit that screen, though, because I couldn't find the code for it. By any chance, have you ever edited the Team Selection table columns? (not the squad screen, the one before or during matches). I never found how I could add columns and make them resizable or sortable.. but I'm sure it's possible.
  17. Harmonica

    Custom views on the Team Selection Screen...

    Yeah it's strange they didn't make the custom views universal for each of the teams in a club. Of course, you can just recreate the custom views pretty easily for the other teams (I sort of feel stupid making that guide up there when it's really easy to make custom views!)
  18. Harmonica

    Custom views on the Team Selection Screen...

    Actually, you can, but it requires editing a few of the files directly. I did this last year when there was no custom view creation. The file is called teamsquad.xml, you can extract it from panels.fmf, and then you can edit in and put it inside a skin in the panels\ folder. When editing it, you will see it lists all the default views for the team screen in the game. It's fairly self explanatory. Here is the general info view type: <record id="geni"> <string id="name" value="General Info"/> <!-- Define attributes/properties to view in this view type on the panel. Any properties not defined here will be hidden for this view. --> <record id="view"> <flags id="Ppkd"/> <!-- picked info --> <flags id="Ppsq"/> <!-- preferred squad number--> <flags id="Pnfo"/> <!-- player status/info --> <flags id="Pnam"/> <!-- person name --> <flags id="Ppos"/> <!-- position --> <flags id="Pclb"/> <!-- person club --> <flags id="Pnat"/> <!-- person nationality --> <flags id="Phei"/> <!-- height --> <flags id="Pwei"/> <!-- weight --> <flags id="Page"/> <!-- person age --> <flags id="Pdva"/> <!-- player value --> </record> <record id="table_properties"> <integer id="block_count" value="1" /> </record> </record> <record id="geni"> This bit is the unique code for a view in the game, so type a unique four letter code here <string id="name" value="General Info"/> This is the name that shows up in the list on the views list, change it to whatever you want but keep it short. <flags id="Ppkd"/> <!-- picked info --> This is a four letter code for a column which will show up when you load the view. You can find most of the codes from within team squad.xml (the full list of codes is elsewhere in another file which controls what the codes do). This example is the 'picked' position column, which you must include (I think) with every view you create, although it doesn't have to be first. This is comment text from SI which tells you what the code fragment does, you don't need to edit or copy this at all, but it's useful for reference. So to create your own view, simply load that file, take the code chunk above, and paste it into a large gap below where you see it already included. (Make sure you paste it in the right place, after the </record> tag and before the next <record id="... tag) Start editing the bits I've highlighted, adding and removing whatever column-types you want, in any order. When you're done, save it within your favourite skin directory in the panels/ folder (create it if it doesn't exist), and then within FM you need to do alwaysreloadskin/useskincache.
  19. I've extracted the base skin, but for some reason, where I thought the status icon backgrounds would be, there's just the FM09 backgrounds. Does anyone know where the new status icon graphics live? I want to make those icons a little smaller and darker (and add some more colours if that's possible, like last year).
  20. I think as someone has said, the 3D kits are stored in the game data somewhere, or you can download/create your own versions, and they go in graphics\outfield\<country>\<league>\<club>\ along with an appropriate config.xml file. To create your own, you'll want to use a graphics editing app to edit an existing kit .png file. You can't use something like Paint because it can't do transparency, but Gimp or Photoshop is a good idea.
  21. Harmonica


    See this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=160334 You can replace the analyser on the comparison page easily, by adding in a file from FM2009. I haven't yet worked out how to add the large polygon + player profile pic alongside each other from FM2009.
  22. Harmonica

    Compare Players image

    I 'fixed' it by using the 'player comparison overview.xml' from FM2009, where the polygon is twice as large. You need to use it within the panels\ folder of the default skin (once extracted). You can also use the polygon graphic from last year which is also twice as large. Then you'll have to edit 'player profile personal details.xml' as well, or replace it with last year's version. I know that I need to hack in the new code for the analyser polygon, but I can't figure out how to get it to show up yet. This is what I've tried (the player picture code is untouched FM2009 stuff, then the rest is putting the container from FM2010, but it doesn't show up). <!-- Player Picture --> <widget class="picture" id="ppic" auto_size="all"> <layout class="centre_in_parent_attachment" alignment="horizontal" offset="40" priority="1"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="0" priority="1"/> </widget> <!-- Attribute Analyser --> <container id="ppaa" file="player profile attribute analyser"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="fill" offset="0" gap="0"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" layout_children="true" inset="0" /> </container> <!-- Attribute Analyser Container --> No idea why SI changed this because it's useless and looks stupid.
  23. Harmonica

    Training a players weaker foot

    CM2010's training ended up being a bit tiresome and time-consuming, but at least the feature is there. FM really lacks a behind-the-scenes layer of player interaction, which training is a part of. However... I don't think that players out of academy level can really develop their weaker foot that much. You either have it or you don't, and it's pretty apparent. Players just focus on developing their abilities to compensate rather than dwelling on it.
  24. Harmonica

    Official Patch 10.1 Discussion

    Hmm. Well, I don't enjoy watching the players run around unrealistically fast, so I have match speed on what I think is realistic (which seems to be 2 notches above normal for some reason). Or is normal actually 'real' speed? The clock still ticks over faster, meaning the game content is half as long (it must do if I can complete a full match in ~50 minutes - the only bits that get skipped are when the ball goes out of play).
  25. Harmonica

    Official Patch 10.1 Discussion

    Yeah of course, in the game world the matches are said to last 90 minutes, but even on full match the clock runs faster. I watch on full but the whole game including pre-match and post-match usually takes about 50 minutes. So probably 22.5 minute halves, with the clock running twice as fast. In FM09 players usually had around 9km average distance coverage on this setting. I assume that the match engine applies some kind of factor to the distances covered if as in my case the total match is half as long.