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  1. How to dominate with a 3 man midfield no wingers. gk... back four. both the wing backs on support. 2 normal centre backs 1 on cover . 2 strikers. 1 AF. 1 DLP to ideally link with the cmA. what woud people recomend the last tactic i tried with the rest was an anchor man behind a midfield 3 of .. bwm on the left of the 3. cm A. centrally. amd a bbm on the right tried posive normal and highh defensive line. with the line of engagement adjusted accordingly. distribute to centre backs to try and beat a press. however after being undefeated first 16 games of the season dramaticcaly fell apart finding it so hard to score. its just sometimes hard to have the ideas work on the game. ideally i want to be nasty to beat hard in the tackle with quick breaks. a regroup when lose possesion and counter when ball won. i dont want a plug and play as every year i get frustrated for a few months then take a team from league 2 to win everything... but im really finding it hard this year i know others are finding it easy .. thanks in advance for any discussion
  2. Love it !!! excellent read on my break at work
  3. it gets frustrating to just be told do yhe opposie
  4. you genius lol thanks my man :-)
  5. When you add different catagories on the squad screen.. how do you auto aize the colums
  6. boodfm huddersfield save teach fm man united save rituro mls save
  7. whats the best screen to tell? im in 2020 havnt seen on the news items but possibly missed
  8. Unable to negotiate 1 month before the contract expires in league 1 in england 2. 2 weeks, 1 day nothing ? anything im missing ?
  9. I don't even want to moan want to succeed but sometimes find it hard to understand why I can win 5 on the bounce them lose 10 on the spin ... Was I lucky in those 5 or unlucky in the 10 how do you find out what's going wrong with so much conflicting information. Just seeing a tactic that works in llm would help me see how far away from my vision and whether people actually win on this game lol
  10. Understood ... At work. But generally it's the not shutting down in the middle which I thought by set up would be a strength then defenders all out of position. Which I tried close down less. Then clinical finishing against
  11. Lower league in English league 2 so players aren't great 4-3-2-1 i want a fast long ball tactic no frills midfield with us winning it back getting it long back 4 2 cbs 2 wing backs 1 support 1 defend midfield 3 1 bwm 1 cmd 1 either b2b or cma behind a target man ss on the left an if shouts .... More direct passing pass into space press more often failing miserable conceding balls over the top and crosses tried higher lines mark tighter wing backs to full backs on control structured and counter structured CAn win 3 in a row then lose 6 in a row what am I doing wrong
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