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  1. How do you get stadium backgrounds during the game with commentary only? I get the 3D background while playing with commentary
  2. So....not Cholo Atleti football then. Atleti play a really low pressing game, often with 11 players behind the ball at 30m from their own goal.
  3. Sounds great! Can't wait. How long before the release, do you think?
  4. Where? I'd like to get rid of the 3D and see stadium pics instead...
  5. Ok, excited about the release. I had an amazing save a few years back with this mod. Played with Hajduk. Used their old logo and it was great.
  6. Wow - what a tactic! Winning every game now, many scoring 5-6 goals. Have a look at this. This tactic is as good as the ones you made last year. I have tried all your tactics for 20.1 and 20.2, they've been ok - but this one...wow
  7. But, I still cannot move the one to the bottom left. I can move most of the windows, but not the one to the left.
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