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  1. Any developed should make sure they do not push things too far to alienate the hard core follower...and they just did. I've not uninstalled FM18 and will be going back to FM17 until they make changes to the 3D options, match day screen etc. If they don't - fair enough. I'll keep playing FM17 and won't buy FM19 then unless it's changed then....not happening? Well, we'll see quite a few from the core group never buying a new release again and instead opting for data updates to FM17.
  2. Same here.... FM18 not having an option to turn OFF 3D and having a split screen/screen like before.....well, that ruins the game for me.
  3. So far, this is the best tactic I've tried for FM17. Nice job. I've had a good run with River Plate. I've tried a few tactics for 1.5 seasons with River, but FuSS17 has been the one with the best results.
  4. I still don't get it...I downloaded the base skin, I replaced the "paper" and "paperx2" files with the two I downloaded (put them into the base skin). I then copied them into a skin I'm using and nothing happens
  5. I am just not good enough at mods/skins to do this - but I'd so love a skin with a lot more opacity in the overview split screen during matches. It's just too dark to see the backgrounds. I've downloaded a few skins and it seems that none of them have enough opacity. At the moment I'm using the WannachupFm17 skin and it has great opacity when you look at the squad, but during the matches - there's little.
  6. I love the skin - great work. For me, it's important to have the ability to show all the background photos of different stadiums. On that note - I love the transparency when you look at player profiles and squads, but during the matches, there's not enough transparency - I think. Is it possible to change this or not?
  7. I have used Mr Hugh's "spanks the authorities" tactic for months and wow - truly plug and play. I've been undefeated in Serie A for two years now. Last season (2019) I ended up with 35-3-0 and this season? The perfect season, 38-0-0. I've made my fourth CL final in a row (lost two though...) and I'm about to play my fourth. I've got a really strong side in Roma, but the tactic is really a beast. http://bildr.no/view/RFFXZWFN
  8. I haven't played this MOD and I'm reading about a lot of technical difficulties, but I'm still considering downloading it. I'd like to play with Ottawa Fury. How would that work in this MOD and could I get promoted to the MLS? I guess I could try and enter Ottawa Fury into the existing MLS competition?
  9. And why can't I find the options menu...? edit: found it
  10. Love the skin - but is it possible to make the skin more transparent when watching the games "split pitch"? I'd like to see the stadiums in the background, not a blue screen.
  11. Is there any way to make the kits bigger when viewing matches in split-mode during matches? I love the skin, but the kits are too small.
  12. Didn't work for me. I downloaded one from a couple of years ago. Wouldn't start as it had too few/too many teams etc.
  13. I see there's one in the Steam Community from 2014.
  14. I know a custom db existed a few years ago where the maker had made the pre-1991 Yugoslav league/national team. Does a similar db exist for FM15 or are anyone working on one?
  15. Hi, I've never had this problem before. I went into the editor to change "River Plate de Buenos Aires" to "River Plate". I saved the work and it's on the editor data list when I start the game, but no changes. Previously I downloaded a "name fix" for FM15 so that I didn't have to change all the names (Champions League etc) manually.
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