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  1. man utd on sat... should be interesting. bent'll smash in a hattrick!
  2. haha don't make me laugh! you post in this thread, whilst at the same time posting about missing people in the These forums thread... yes indeed, serious FM related debate... and i don't have a problem with the These forums thread, i just found it mildly hypocritical to say the least.
  3. it made me laugh chopper saying that these forums where for fm related matters only when he's posting in the 'These forums' thread in GD...
  4. Try the 'These forums' thread...
  5. I'm with you on this, Wigan FM09, dozen or so games in, literally barely a goal scored. Now I know Wigan isn't the best team, and I know it's probably my tactics... but come on, surely the odd goal here and there isn't too much to ask! In FM08 my Wigan team are scoring realistically, and like you said, a nice spread of goals throughout the team.
  6. Mooks

    Am I the Only One...

    funny that, isn't it...
  7. Mooks

    Stop the moaning

    We are indeed! I say don't fight it, embrace it, moan away!... I love it
  8. Mooks

    Am I the Only One...

    Personally I've gone back to FM08 for a while. Waiting for another patch and a new computer... But it's life I suppose, bad news gets all the coverage, whilst good news doesn't get a mention. Whilst I personally have lots of issues with the game, and have posted about them, I think it's good that people who are enjoying the game should post as well Like somebody said though, those enjoying the game are probably playing it, rather than being on these forums!
  9. Mooks

    Stop the moaning

    haha! there's nothing like a nice brew and a good moan eh! it's one of the highlights of my day!
  10. Brilliant! Defo the way forward! I like the passing and closing down areas, especially the colour change for the intensity etc.
  11. Mooks

    These forums

    Sorry I wasn't aiming my comment specifically at you. I agree that the person you're talking about was out of order. But I still maintain that any sort of comments regarding getting somebody an infraction should be jumped on by the mods.
  12. 'But maybe we have all just moved on and got older……….' I wonder if that's my problem too... :o
  13. Mooks

    These forums

    I’ve reported a few people as well, swearing is one of my gripes as there are children on these forums (and I know children swear, but as responsible adults we should try and maintain a standard), but also what gets me is the petty insults, I just don’t see the need. I’ve also witnessed people reporting people and then posting things like, ‘enjoy your infraction’, which I think should earn an infraction straight away, it’s bad form. Otherwise people try and use the mods to get back at people. Which I know they would never allow themselves to be used, but you know what I mean. I’ve witnessed / had really positive experiences from the mods, I think they do a good job on these forums.
  14. I have same problem. Top youngsters, could play at any club really, I just don't need them for a couple of seasons, so I offer them out for loan and I offer to pay all their wages, and nobody wants them. I'm in the Premiership and can't believe lower league sides wouldn't be all over them, especially for free!