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  1. Nice one. I do get some one on ones with Hlozek on the right on occasion, he does pretty well in all but I'm glad I have the option of him or Nelson. Currently 30 games into this season, really want to finish strong!
  2. Thanks man, I'll give it ago. What about TIs. Play through middle, play wider, shorter passing is what I'm thinking. I paid 2 million for Ibou, he's been a rock!
  3. I was using this at the start of the season but I just couldn't win games. I've finished 6th the last 2 years but I'm not going to get top half at this rate. I do sometimes change the roles from defend to support and vice versa, depending on opposition. I try not to change too much at once. Since I got Reinier in though I've wanted him in the whole to feed Esposito but it's just not happening. I would be happy re training him as a centre mid.
  4. Thanks for the Feedback, I do have 2 other defensive mids at the club that I drop in from time to time. It's just since I got Reinier in that I stopped using them as much due to him being an AM.
  5. Feel like I have some really good players but I can't get them playing well. Having a shocker of a season now and am stuck bottom half of the table. Also I just bought this guy for 30 mil.
  6. I think I have steadied the ship, thank you for the advice. I knew my tactic was overly attacking for the Champ but because it had worked in the prem, too, I thought I'd finally figured something out. Apparently not. I wonder how many hours I have to play to get good haha. Yes it was the World Cup, I'd forgotten about that and it actually saved my season. I arranged 4 or 5 easy friendlies that were winnable and it shot my morale right back up. Helped that I didn't have many internationals at the tournament. Now chasing top 8.
  7. This is what I used in the Champ and the first season back in the Prem. I only use this at home now really against teams I should be beating but don't. This is what I use when I'm not expected to win. I actually really dislike this tactic as it invites too much pressure onto me, it did have drop deeper for defence but I removed that for that reason. Conceded 3 penalties in my first 4 games, too. Which is highly irritating. What is also bizarre is that I don't have a premier league game for 50 days and I'm in November?? I've only just noticed that.
  8. Every year I get the game, the inevitable happens. I'm with Aston Villa and I get relegated, the board keep me on and I set up my own tactic for in the Championship. I dominate the Champ, only losing twice all season and break all sorts of awards etc. Then in the Prem, I pretty much use the same tactic and somehow, I do extremely well and end up in Europe, top 6 finish. However, this season, I am in deep, deep trouble. I lost 10-0 to Liverpool, using my usual defensive/counter tactic and I have been trying to use the same tactic as the last 2 years, as it worked so well. I just can't buy a
  9. I read on here that the AI doesn't learn your tactics, so I should be able to use the same tactics? Also, bear in mind that in my real save, this was my first time using the tactic, I only used it in my "test" save before so it was completely fresh. But in my real one, I lost 6 in a row, compared to my form on "test" it was quite surprising. I have watched many matches on comprehensive mode and tried to learn where it breaks down, I still find it quite difficult to tell.
  10. I think that's my problem, I think I used to put TI's that contradicted my mentality setting, that's my excuse anyway. Annoyingly, I tried to replicate this tactic in my main season and failed miserably, I can't believe how much more awful I was, using the same tactic. What could have changed? I have no idea, this makes me sad. Same players and everything. Can you go from year on year with the same players or do you have to strengthen every year? Was that my downfall? Of course the less it works the more i tinker and the worse it gets. Tempted to carry on my test save but that feels so wr
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