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  1. I read on here that the AI doesn't learn your tactics, so I should be able to use the same tactics? Also, bear in mind that in my real save, this was my first time using the tactic, I only used it in my "test" save before so it was completely fresh. But in my real one, I lost 6 in a row, compared to my form on "test" it was quite surprising. I have watched many matches on comprehensive mode and tried to learn where it breaks down, I still find it quite difficult to tell.
  2. I think that's my problem, I think I used to put TI's that contradicted my mentality setting, that's my excuse anyway. Annoyingly, I tried to replicate this tactic in my main season and failed miserably, I can't believe how much more awful I was, using the same tactic. What could have changed? I have no idea, this makes me sad. Same players and everything. Can you go from year on year with the same players or do you have to strengthen every year? Was that my downfall? Of course the less it works the more i tinker and the worse it gets. Tempted to carry on my test save but that feels so wrong.
  3. Hi guys, just wondering what your take is on TI's being overrated? I say this because I have battled with my team to do and play well for a full season for a good 10 seasons now. Finally getting frustrated, I switched my tactic to an "out-of-the-box" 4-4-1-1 and lost only 3 games in half a season and finished 2nd in the league. NO TI's and NO PI's. I'm really gutted because this was in my "test" season where I was playing the last half of the season over and over until something clicked, so I can't carry on with the save. In my proper save, I finished 9th. I wished I was making notes but because I was frustrated I literally put on Key highlights and rattled through every game, fully expecting my run to end. Having said that, I think I was changing "Role Duties" but only very slightly, and never in defence. I don't even think I changed mentality. I really wished I knew how I did it haha. Please see some screenshots of the below and let me hear your thoughts, should something like this be possible with no TI's? Is my team just that good? It doesn't look it to me. Just for clarity, I was using the 4-4-1-1 stock tactic, I started using it in the season below for the Liverpool game that is highlighted, I won that game 2-1. Also attached are my key players. If anyone wants to see any more, let me know.
  4. Ok thanks I will test and see how it goes. They may be getting poor ratings due to not winning many headers tho.
  5. It just seems like a contradiction because he'll knock the ball past a player, to then stop and hold his position, play it to another player and head back into defence. Seems pointless, rather than contradictory I suppose. They both have a very small jumping reach too to be honest, might be worth getting taller defenders anyway.
  6. Hi there, both of my full backs have the ppm of "Stays back at all times". I've tried to untrain them both on this aspect as I want some more dynamic play on the wings but to no avail. With this ppm, will they never influence a match from either left back or full back, do I need to sell and reinvest in some new defenders? The one has the ppm "knock balls past opponent" and "stays back at all times" that seems like a contradiction to me. Both seem to have stats to be able to do well in the final third.
  7. Ok thank you. I really didn't want to have to get help on this, I wanted to figure it out myself but I was getting nowhere!
  8. This is great advice thank you. To be honest I was using this tactic more towards the end of the campaign in a bid to get some home wins, I can see how it was a bit forced now. Say if I dropped the 2 wingers to support and had a complete forward on support, rather than a TM, would that be better? I didn't have dribble more as a TI to begin with. I also sometimes play a CM on Attack rather than AP. How about this, can I use the same tactic an formation every week at home? Will the AI get used to it? I really don't know how much or little I should be tweaking as it never seems to pay off.
  9. I've been battling to get my Northampton side into the Champions league but after 13 seasons in charge there, I'm struggling big time. I just don't have the nouse tactically to have a good season, I always drop off somewhere and don't know how to rectify it. For example at the start of the season this year, my striker had 12 goals in 12 league games, but after that he probably scored another 4 goals all season.Can you please help me pick a formation and tactic that will help me get more consistency and do well against higher rated opposition. For some reason, I play at home against weaker sides, attacking mentality and won't get a shot on target. I've tried keeping the same tacticts throughout and also tried "tweaking" for each individual game. This is my basic tactic for at home.
  10. This guy in my save is the best player I have ever seen on Football Manager. This is from FM16. Basically makes Man U impossible to beat. 54 League goals, that's league goals, last year,
  11. Northampton in FM16. Now in 2027. Got back to back promotions from League 2 to the Championship, now in the Prem. I'm turning that club into a powerhouse, that's my reason for staying with it. Their reputation is now 4 star but the stadium is small and the facilities are weak. I've spent about £100 million on the Youth set up so I'm looking forward to bringing through some decent youth for a change, rather than having to buy it. Managed 2 top 6 finishes in the Prem so far, not good enough but everyone wants my players all the time!
  12. Honestly, probably the best player I've ever signed, considering he was a free transfer. He's solid every game, I absolutely love him. Has anyone had him in 16 and had him be this good? Can't believe I got him on a free, so good.
  13. Yeah I had a shocker with this one to be fair. Normally I buy very well. He was actually 24 when I bought him and is now 25. My coaches rate him at 2.5 stars
  14. Yeah...I just feel if I'm getting advice they're just telling me what I need to do to turn it around. It's like cheating to me and I will always refuse to take on tactical advice haha. I am very stubborn in that way, I like it to be from my own back. I do try something different every time and it just doesn't work. Thanks to the other posters also and I know getting Northampton to the Prem is an achievement and as a whole I'm incredibly proud of my Northampton side. I won back to back promotions in my first full 2 seasons to the Champ. Getting to the Prem was the hardest. I think it took 3 years and after I lost the play off final to Cardiff 1-0, I admittedly reloaded the game and played it until I got promoted. I never do that any more, I just knew that I would not play any more if i didnt get promotrd as I couldnt bear another year in the Champ. So it was a way to keep playing more than anything. If you can check my post history, I posted my story of my first promotion from League 2 with Northampton and how thrilling it actually was. The best season I've ever had in an FM game, it was so good. But my time is at an end with FM16 unfortunately. I may come back to it one day.
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