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  1. So here are some stats. Under 18 players with a potential of -9, -10 or over 160. Essentially all the stars of the future that are in the database are in this subset of players. Nationality, amount of said players. Algeria 2 Argentina 2 Austria 3 Belarus 1 Belgium 2 Bolivia 1 Bosnia & Herz 1 Brazil 14 Chile 1 Croatia 3 Czech Republic 2 Denmark 1 England 10 France 17 Georgia 2 Germany 1 Ghana 3 Greece 1 Holland 3 Israel 1 Italy 6 Ivory Coast 1 Mexico 3 Morocco 1 Nigeria 2 Paraguay 2 Poland 1 Portugal 4 Scotland 1 Senegal 1 Serbia 1 Slovenia 1 South Korea 1 Spain 9 Switzerland 2 Turkey 1 So here are some of the things that I found interesting. Before seeing the numbers you expect to see a lot of Brazilians, and a high representation from the big five European leagues. Brazil has 14, England 10, France 17, Spain 9, Italy 6, Germany 1. There's surprise number one. France has an excellent youth system, but Germany has developed one in recent years that equals France's, if not eclipses it. And even as good as France is, is it realistic for it to have 17 potential all-world players in the narrow bracket of 16-18 year olds? Why isn't it then dominating every youth competition it enters? That is issue number one. Issue number two is the breakdown of future stars between countries. The big 5 plus Brazil have 57 potential future stars out of 108 total. That is a staggering amount. And it's not limited to potential ability, take for instance the current players with an ability of 160+, the 108 best players in the world. Argentina 11 Bosnia & Herz 1 Brazil 15 Bulgaria 1 Cameroon 1 Croatia 2 Czech Republic 1 England 8 France 12 Germany 9 Ghana 1 Holland 6 Italy 8 Ivory Coast 2 Mali 1 Montenegro 1 Portugal 3 Russia 2 Scotland 1 Senegal 1 Serbia 2 Spain 16 Sweden 1 Uruguay 2 68 of 108 are either from the big 5 European nations or Brazil. The next is Argentina with 11. Few would argue that those 7 countries are clearly great footballing nations with great talent. But is it rational to say that they have such an abundance of great players, while the rest have 1 or 2 good ones at the most. Here's a small test. Out of the 108 best players in the world (CA 160+), you would expect no more than 9 or 10 of them to be goalkeepers. (Assuming that GK CA is comparable to field players CA, which I'm not certain, but let's assume that) In fact, there are 13. It is much harder to judge goalkeepers, as they are in action a scant few times in the game, with the actions of Casillas hardly different from those of CA 120 goalie 90% of the time. A mistake that is visible might happen 2-3 times a season for the good ones, and 6-7 times for the horrible keepers. Yet the researchers are tasked with measuring goalies as well, so we must judge. So we have 13 keepers that are the 108 best football players in the world. Iker Casillas Julio Cesar Gianluigi Buffon Pepe Reina Hugo Lloris Victor Valdes Edwin van der Sar Petr Cech Manuel Neuer Rene Adler Gomes Igor Akinfeev Tim Wiese Now, I don't know about you, but my untrained eye can spot at least 3 keepers here who wouldn't fit the mold of 108 best in the world. Tim Wiese, Gomes and Victor Valdes. It might be someone else for you. You might have 4 or 5. But I challenge someone to say that all of these 13 have the football ability of Pato (CA 161), Mesut Ozil (CA 160), Karim Benzema (CA 165), Luis Suarez (CA 163) etc. What's more, of these keepers, curiously, there are 3 Germans, 3 Spaniards, 2 Brazilians. 8 of the 13. Is it really the golden generation of German goalkeepers? Is Victor Valdes really on the level of Casillas and Reina? Is Gomes truly one of the 13 best goalkeepers in the world? Is it just me, or is there perhaps a small bias in assigning the CA values to players based in England, Spain or Germany? Yes, they have the best clubs in the world at the moment, but simple membership in the league should not boost a player's CA by 5-10 points by default. /rant
  2. See, I didn't have to read god knows how many pages and got my answer anyway. Mods, this can be deleted now.
  3. So is 11.2.1 the last patch until we get the mid-season roster update and patch?
  4. Barca and Real Regens

    The formula for regens includes not only the level of youth facilities and recruitment, but also the club rep, and Real and Barca being the top 2 rep club in the world, that's what you get. However, I think that their regens should have more foreign players, and maybe make sure that having 2 top rep clubs in the same county doesn't skew the level of Spanish regens as a whole compared to other countries.
  5. Feature ideas for '12

    2. True, that's what I meant - the board should work harder in the background to get it done. Right now, it seems, they just sit and do nothing, as if the financial viability of their club means nothing to them. And even after a council makes a decision, it's not like all work on the project is stopped, in real life the club goes back, makes new proposals, etc. If a club wants something done, they don't stop when they get a refusal. 4. Yes, but even when I was a legend it has never worked, I was always fired, so I quit even trying to use it.
  6. Council Planning permit

    Makes sense. The option to ask for a new stadium is grayed out, what are the prerequisites for it to appear? Big bank account? I've got 200 mil+ cash, I'm at a 30,000 stadium now, what would I need to have the new one built? Also, this might be a problem, but the stadium is a relatively new one - 2010 build date in the editor, with 0(zero) on capacity used and 0(zero) on expansion capacity. My "average attendance" figure is at over 37,000 in in real time editor, so even if it's a bit soon to build a new stadium it seems counter-intuitive not to start building one, especially since the old one didn't leave and debt for the club.
  7. Some of these are probably impossible for legal reason, but I thought I'd throw them out there anyway. 1. When a situation arises when a player wants to leave the club, you should be able to tell the player's agent to go out and "sell" his player to other teams, giving the agent your selling price. The agent's success would depend on his stats, like touting player attribute, the clubs he might visit would depend on the scope, etc. 2. When requesting to build a new stadium, or expand a present one, I've often encountered stubborn city councils. When you do run into a refusal, you should have the option to appeal, and to work with the city council, perhaps offering revenue sharing or something of the sort. 3. Leagues do not remain static. And while the true to real life leagues are admirable, when you play 20-30 year seasons, it gets monotonous. Perhaps something like a "fantasy" toggle in the preferences would allow for changes in league rules in year 2018/19, perhaps a script that would give a 5% chance of Celtic and Rangers joining the EPL. A 2% chance of the Ukrainian and Russian leagues merging. MLS dumping their stupid setup in favor of the European model. Uzbekistan and Lebanon joining UEFA. Etc. 4. There are times when a manager within a club rises to the level of a demi-god, having the ability to dictate his wishes to the board/president, let's say if you as a manager become a legend, you should have the ability not just to decide the exact feeder club you want, but also have dictatorial power in terms of stadium expansion/building, number of people on the staff, number of feeder clubs, etc. 5. Commercial tournaments. Clubs with a high reputation should get invitations to commercial tournaments and tours during the summer. 6. Pre-season training for a club is radically different than in-season training. Not sure there's a way to mimic it in the game, but maybe divide the pre-season into 3 segments, in the first, the team is supposed to raise its fitness level from the off-season, and the level to which they are able to recover, and how long it lasts in-season should be directly related to the quality of your fitness coaches. The second and third pre-season segments can be used for either more fitness, extensive attribute training, or match training prep, building on team cohesion and understanding. 7. In the editor, the tactics should better represented in the database. Currently, you only select the numerical description. When speaking of a modern 4-2-4 formation, it can mean any number of things - one with 2 strikers and 2 attacking wingers. 4 strikers, some asymmetrical formation, etc. While the managers all have pre-set formations, they don't always resemble the thing that those managers would produce in real life. Perhaps a simplified form of the tactics editor might be used in the db. PS: Sorry if this makes little sense, it's late at night, and I'm half asleep.
  8. So the city council is not allowing me to expand the stadium. Usually I don't cheat, but in this particular case, it's super annoying. Does saving/reloading help in this instance, or is that decision made at the point of asking the board and just delayed to the off-season, or will I eventually get a permission if I reload a dozen times?
  9. Strangest Managerial appointment

    Inter Milan in my game.
  10. Strangest Managerial appointment

    2012. Spartak Moscow fire 43 year old Valeri Karpin, hire 72 year old József Szabó who hasn't coached since 2005.
  11. The C Team for Athletic (Baskonia) has all of its players listed as ineligible for the next match. The same happens with a C team I create with the editor. All the other C teams in the game don't have a fixture scheduled to be ineligible for, but if you schedule a fixture, the players become ineligible, even a Friendly. Put this in the bugs forum as well.
  12. Just out of curiosity, why is the Russian version different? Isn't it just the language file?
  13. I've never had a sweeper formation succeed. Primarily since it's so damn hard to find a worthy sweeper, outside of training your youth players in it.
  14. Russian Schedule 2011-2012

    So what you really meant to say was: I'm sure SI got working on it when it was confirmed a few weeks ago.
  15. Russian Schedule 2011-2012

    I am aware of the difficulty, which is precisely the reason I mentioned this, and would like a response. If they can't code it in time, they can't code it, I'll deal with it. But I hope they won't say that they didn't know about it, because this thread was started in September and if their Russian researchers are worth anything, they would have told the SI staff that the change and transitional schedule was highly likely to be implemented. In July, the president of the Russian FA said that the move is happening and that the documents are being finalized and will be approved in due time (which they were in September), around the same time the idea of a 3-round transitional league became public, and, eventually, in August (if my memory serves), there was a provisional explanatory pdf released showing the three-round format with date ranges and how it will all affect the lower divisions. Now, I realize that there are limitations, especially with the engine the game runs on. It may simply be impossible to program a league season that lasts more than a calendar year, with 3 transfer windows and a split into an upper and a lower table after 2 rounds. It was certainly impossible to do so in the editor. However, I believe that all effort should be done to include this oddity of a season in the game, as I feel it will be an interesting thing to play and experience. Especially so, since this will be the first year that the game will be released in the Russian language, and considering that the Russian League has become a top-8 league in Europe in recent years, having it represented not as it is in real life does not connote the mantra of SI - of creating the most real-world accurate football simulation possible.