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  1. Im using steam not uniloc so i wonder why mines has started working!
  2. I tried my FM 09 again to day to see if the problem has been solved and mine loaded so hopefully the problem is fixed
  3. When is this problem going to get fixed However i have cured my addiction by buying FM live, obviously this is menat to con people like me.
  4. Kilmarnock
  5. I keep getting the error SI activator has stopped working. I then have to close that programme and it come up with the soft anchor to key in my key. I do this then it says Football manager has encourted a problem or something along those lines. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. When is the draw?
  7. Cheers found a few people had experinced the same problem but there has been no answer from SI. Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon!
  8. Yeah i know! Thought maybe it was a more wide spread issue that many people have had! And thanks again for the help you have gave
  9. I did and had no reply as of yet! Was getting a bit desperate :L so sorry for starting a new thread lol Doesnt seem to be much help out there for it anyway!
  10. COme on can anyone help Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!
  11. Just tried it there and that also did not work. Even though it said i was succesful!
  12. No ive not tried that one yet think i done one similar will give it a go and get back to you. Thanks for your help mate!
  13. Yip i managed to start a few games with the new patch aswell. Does the patch have something to do with it?
  14. Sorry for posting a new thread i have searched EVERYWHERE and i can't find a solution on how to solve this problem. It is really bugging as ma FM has been perfect up until now and i was juyst about to start a new game Anyway any help would be much appreciated! Cheers in advance.