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  1. hope this helps but for those who cant find the certificate folder it may b in the c:\ProgramData\sports interactive. i deleted the certificate folder then the game activated straight away. thanks for all your help.
  2. hi. i bought this game to play on my downtime in iraq but i still cant activate it. i keep getting error -51 even after i try the above methods. i leave tomorrow and its starting to get desperate. plz help asap.
  3. iv been trying 4 2 days now to activate the game but i keep getting the error 51 message. ive tried what has been written in other threads but it doesnt work. i cant even find the football manager 2009 certificate file either. i leave to go back to germany tomorrow morning so any help before then would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  4. im told that there was an error with the installation and to check the install log. when i do the message "Custom Action: com.sigames.InstallAnywhere.WindowsGameExplorer Status: ERROR Additional Notes: ERROR - class com.sigames.InstallAnywhere.WindowsGameExplorer NonfatalInstallException RegisterWithGameExplorer() failed: Failed to add game to Game Explorer" then when i try to activate the game i get error -51. i have tried everything on the threads to no avail. i cant even find where the certificate file is. any help activating my game would be appreciated.