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    35 year old Chelsea season ticket holder of 18 years but been going for 28 years , Love Football Manager and play FIFA/Pro Evolution soccer as well

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  1. Hello my board have returned affiliate recommendations twice , I think this is because I had a takeover during the process , when I reject the first one it then doesn't let me reject the second lot of recommendations as it is greyed out and I cannot continue the game , any help much appreciated.
  2. Good evening looking to play as my local non league club Poole Town , could someone please point me in the direction of the best database for this? Any help much appreciated.
  3. This tactic saved my job at Chelsea, they gave me a target of 9 point from 5 games to save my job ended up getting 13 points winning 4 drawing 1
  4. Hello Thoughts on this https://www.ebuyer.com/861943-medion-erazer-x6603-gaming-laptop-30023052
  5. Wow ... that’s absolutely superb, i will probably reduce the hard drive to 1TB as that will be more than enough for me and upgrade the RAM to 16gb coming to £815, I can afford that do you see any problem with that?
  6. Hello i tend to play commentary only but would like to play some 3D matches this series, so graphics don’t need to be top end , ideally will use it to run all the English leagues and probably , Spain, Germany,Italy half decent graphics will be fine as long as I can ideally play the next 2 or 3 football managers quite comfortably. other usage will mainly be internet and general things like CV etc im guessing I could by an external HD
  7. Hello Ioving the look of these twio are there any similar with a HDD as I want to put my iTunes library and general files plus maybe some downloaded movies/series? all help much appreciated
  8. Excellent, thinking about it is there anything with a bigger hard drive so I can put and iTunes library on it as well and just general use of internet and possible downloads?
  9. Hi guys looking to order a new laptop in next couple of days ready for FM19, not played since 2016 and usually only play with commentary only and 2/3 leagues running . looking to play this version a bit more in depth so would like to play some games using 3D match engine Budget £700-800
  10. I was looking at anything between £400 -£500 although I have the money to pay higher, I will only use it for Football Manager and general internet usage
  11. Hi Guys , Looking to get a new laptop for FM19 didn't buy FM18 the first time I've not bought it as current laptop is ancient, I tend to only have commentary for games but looking to run all English leagues and maybe 4 or five other leagues with the option to watch some of the games so I can play a bit more in depth with larger database. Any ideas and help much appreciated.
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