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  1. PSP vs iPhone

    The "at present" sounds promising!
  2. Hi Is there a way to set the default for who should take corners / free kicks / pens? I can do it during a match but is there a way to do it once pre match? Great work btw - still can't believe how much you managed to squeeze in!
  3. jammywd is correct - I have a Mac Book air and have an ISO of the game I mount then it's good to go - I never need to connect an external drive again. BTW FM2010 plays very well on my machine (2.13 Ghz model) - something I was very worried about.
  4. what laptop to get

    I have an XPS M1330 and FM 2010 runs well on it - should be within your price range.
  5. FM 10 - Official Forum Links Thread

    LOL Fair enough! Think I will spend my time playing the game instead. Cheers!
  6. FM 10 - Official Forum Links Thread

    http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=4022561 Aberdeen FC thread - can you add please?
  7. Just downloaded and about to start as the Dons - fingers crossed the youngsters are as good in the game as they are in real life!
  8. two wonderkids

    Smolov and Borges
  9. FM 2009: Aberdeen Football Club

    I am about 12 games into my second season, story so far: Shipped out all the dead wood that I could and rebuilt the team, I wont go through all the players, but key purchases (in order of importance so far) were: Junior Fernández (GK, £350k), Cevasco (DMC, £50K), Craigan (DC, £140K), Borges (AMC, £300K) Botero (FC, £130K), Tordoya (DC, £150K), Cowie (AMRC, 340K), Hakola (AMR, £350K), Smolov (SC, £400K), Kadlec (SC, £0K) Got myself to second in the league and won the League Cup (Botero double) before going on a spurs esque run, ending up third. Season highlight was beating the Huns all four times (including a 4-0 home win). Fernández is both reliable and capable of stunning saves while Cevasco is awesome as a MC controller / ball winner - not many goals but is the heart beat of the team and very consistent. Borges is a superstar in the making although he got injured way too often and took a few months to settle in so only saw glimpses of him, yet he still won young player of the year and scored some stunning goals - just make sure you have run with the ball and forward runs to often. Lee Miller played well banging in the goals for half the season then was terrible for the second half - bought Easter on recommendations in this site but not been very impressed. Second season I sold Miller (had a shocker in the first pre season game so gave up and cashed in) for £800K, Aluko (feed up with his feeling the pressure comments) for £750K, Hakola for £1m (good profit but a bit unfair as he played fairly well in his first season) and other rubbish for about 750K (Kerr, McDonald etc.). Got lucky on the regens with a class DC, one for the future AMRC and a RB who is brilliant at only 16 (first choice so far). Got Cregg (DMC), a Ecudorian DMC, Anthony La Tallec (AMC / FC) and Cameron Jerome (SC) all on frees. Sepsi (LB - £300K) was my only signing and I had money to burn so splashed it on Sapara (AMC £2.5m ) both favs in FM08. So far results have been mixed - undefeated with some stunning wins (4-1 win against Celtic, 5-0 against ICT, 1-1 at Benfica, 2-1 win at home to Dynamo Kiev) but lots of stupid score draws against cack like St Mirren and Motherwell. Sapara has been a massive flop so far but Cameron Jerome is a goal a game (after about 8 starts), Kadlec and Smolov (17 and 19 yo respectively) are starting to look the real deal and Cregg has started well. Key tips: - Check the lower league thread on this site for the best cheap players (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=56862) - Sell everyone at pittodrie without thinking twice bar Miller, Mulgrew, Duff, Diamond and Consodine; - Free / cheap players seem to come in and do comparativly better than big money signings - is this new in this version? Is this just in my head? - Check Matts 4-4-2 tactic (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=56862) its nothing fancy but works well, against the old firm think about sticking two dmcs in the middle to keep it tight. - If you have any spare cash sack all the coaches bar Nicholl as they are all cack as are the scouts - lots better out there - Look for less glamourous interationals in South / Central American e.g. Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica - some cheap gems there.
  10. FM 2009: Aberdeen Football Club

    How did you guys get rid of Mackie & Mair? Did you put them on the transfer market? Offered them to clubs? Or did someone come in for them?
  11. FM 2009: Aberdeen Football Club

    A dons thread with 37 posts already!
  12. It activates on Soft Anchor, I click "OK" then nothing happens. I then double click FM.exe again and get the Soft Anchor screen, again with the tiral over message, put in my code, successful activation then nothing again - repeat for ever. I have followed your suggestion ArsenalFanatic but still no joy. Several other people have this issue but I have not found anyone who has solved it. Thanks
  13. Agreed Mat 280 - SI guys are doing there best but its difficult not to get frustrated (which helps no one).