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  1. How do you go about installling add-ons onto game? i've downloaded many packs and none seem to work? Also which is the best one to install??
  2. Nation: Preferably Europe (not england) Division: Preferably top division European Competition: Don't care Media Prediction: Don't care Board Expectation(s): Don't care Transfer Budget: some budget Wage Budget: some wages free Finances: Not in debt Level of Difficulty (1-10 with 10 being difficult):4-6 Other: I've fallen out of love with fm recently so lookin for a team that i can get my teeth into and build and make a real force in there league
  3. what to start a new game in the prem, can't decide who though, liverpool, , qpr, swansea, villa or wigan?
  4. Every team i have played as in FM13, i have struggled to be consistent. i have played as a variety of teams from a variety of countries all varying abilities. I have tried creating my own tactics and have also uploaded some tactics but even though i stick with the tactic and my team learn it well i still have a problem with consistent perfromances. i will win 1 game then lose or draw the next 5-6 games, is it my tatctics or coud it be something else?
  5. Nation: England Division: Prem European Competition: not CL Media Prediction: Any Board Expectation(s): Not important Transfer Budget: Enough to bring some decent players in Wage Budget: Same as above Finances: Any Other: I'm looking for a prem team that have decent facilities and decent youth set up and a little money to bring in a few players, but also need a prem team for a long term save. I know i have stated prem and england but if you can think of any other team, away from the norm that i could pick for a long term save let me know. A couple of FM's ago i had a brilliant save as Litex, they're not so good now. Need to sink my teeth into a good save, losing some love for FM at the minute
  6. Not sure if its a bug or if its actually true, but it put me off managing Stoke, my remaining wage budget at beginning of game was -119,000PW. Which seems slightly excessive!!!!
  7. i'm in january in my first season, i started a bit shaky a couple of losses, then a few draws then went on a winning run before november, then christmas struck and have not been able to win a game, tried changing tactics, them players that were playing poorly, got a couple of much needed january signings but still can't find a win anywhere and have dropped from 2nd all the way down to 16th. I'm not sure if i'm playing the wrong tactics and rodgers hasn't scored in bout 12 games!!! I like to play with wingers, has anyone got any good tactics i can follow? gonna try to make my own, see how that goes!!
  8. just started a game as pompey, like a good challenge, and am not able to sign players until a debt is paid off, and i can only offer existing players £90 p.w? how long til i can get some loanees in?
  9. just started as rangers and am on transfer deadline day first season and need a new CB coz Cribari just got injured for 5 months!still got £180k transfer budget, any suggestions?
  10. Nation: Any (not England Division: second division in there nation (e.g championship) Media Prediction: - Any Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Either a wealthy owner/ ambitious board or a team with ability to make money Other: I had thought of Monaco but wanted some other suggestions too!.
  11. I don't know how to upload posts but i am in october in my second season, first in the premiership, and high flying at the moment 5th in the league, stadium expansion completed so i thought i'd sneakily ask for a new stadium and my board without much persuasion agreed! (first time this has happened to me). Costing the club £38 million and should be ready by january 2015. Felt that was worth sharing.
  12. Just taken blackpool into the prem in my first season and just need some ideas on signings? my board have given me a big wage budget but won't exceed there wage structure!? so far in the close season i have signed junior hoilet, scott wotton, florin kainz and oliver norwood. I play a 4-2-3-1 my team is as follows GK- Gilks (needs replacing, or is he good enough for prem?) DR- Eardly DL- Crainey DC - Burdisso DC- Cathcart BWM - Ferguson (has the stats gonna try him in this position, but a back up and possible youngster to fill them boots would be good) DLP- Carney WL - Hoilett WR- Phillips AMC- Bressan CF- Quintero (need a back up, taylor - fletcher just isn't good enough) So basiclly need a new GK, LB, BWM, and back up CF and i only have £15million to spend? Any help will be appreciated
  13. Nation: NOT England, Scotland, Italy, Germany or France Division:Top division European Competition: Yes Media Prediction:any Board Expectation(s): Same as Above Transfer Budget: any Wage Budget: any Finances: a little money to spend to buy some decent prospects Other: Good youth setup
  14. i need a game to sink my teeth into, i have a save as vitese pre patch and want a new save now i've downloaded the update but not sure who to be? only pre-requisite is they are based in europe, just need a save i won't get bored with!?
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