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  1. Hi. I posted on this topic on friday but didn't get any answer. I downloaded the patch from rapidshare and completed the download but now my FM doesnt work. When i tried to open it a message came up saying that fm.exe had encountered a problem and had to close. I have deleted the cache and also reinstalled the game through steam and left it to update before trying to open it. I am still getting the same problem where the game won't even open!! Please help!!
  2. I dowloaded the patch from rapidshare and finished the download. When i open the game it just comes up with a black screen then it says fm.exe has encounered a problem and has to close. any ideas?? I tried restarting my computer but didn't make a difference.
  3. trueblue_86

    Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    i am still getting the cannot connect error even though i have tried all the different solutions!! Any help please???