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  1. Hi Fuss - first of all a great tactic. I am second in the German Bundesliga with Gelsenkirschen (Schalke). I have noticed though that balls played 'over the top' of the defence do give the opposition chances. Fortunately my goalkeeper is usually up to the task and this isn't usually fatal. However, it is a concern that a ball lifted over the top leaves the defence stranded. Also I have tried the standard tactic against better opposition (i.e. Bayern) and was hammered 3-0 at home. I follow your team talk instructions to the letter and as I say overall the tactic is superb. Just a few little niggles or it may be I just need better players lol :-)
  2. I note it says to set PPM's - could you advise how you do that plz? noob here lol
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