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  1. Oh well, that was it then. So ill be stuck with it until i buy a new one it seems. Do your reckon it will still be usable for this FM? (ive seen that the graphs rating and the lags area appearing as well in a lot of better pcs/graph cards so im crossing fingers it will be patched up for everyone and i will still be able to play a little bit this years version in this laptop! Thank you very much for clarifying it for me @Smurf, really appreciated!
  2. I'm having a similar issue but i know where the origin of the problem is and i can't seem to find a way to solve it. I have an old laptop, from 2013, an i5 8GB 2.8 Ghz CPU (200 gigas free space) with a NVIDIA GForce820 M in an Windows 8 as a dedicated graphic card. Until FM19 i was having no issues with lag/graphics, playing in a 4 stars and good rhythm of play despite large database and several leagues as "view only". But since i'm playing the Beta the 4 stars for graphs have downgraded to 1 star and i had to change de Very High/High standards to Medium/Low if i didn't wanted the game to crash. The thing is, the last update the NVIDIA official setup control has in my pc predates from 2018, when they stop giving any kind of support for Windows 8. Now when i go to the NVIDIA webpage to download the latest update available for this graph card(from April 19 it seems), the official Nvidia installer freezes at any attempt to install it and says my PC doesn't has clearance for it. So i'm stuck with a version of the 820M from a year ago and i simply can't seem to find a way to overcome this problem. I have the new patch to update downloaded but it´s impossible to install it in order to see if the game goes on with better graphs? Does anyone here had a similar issue with WIndows 8 dedicated Nvidia graphics after 2018? Or does anyone knows how to get the graph updated in an alternative way? In aware that the graph card isn't really good nowadays (6 years have passed now) and i have a must buy laptop list for next fall but i would really like to enjoy one last FM version in this laptop (the game is great btw) and i believe this technical issue is preventing it more than just being an old laptop. Cheers mates
  3. Im running a Windows XP 32 Bit (1152x864 pixels). Ive never had any issue prior this moments since i started this save back in the week the game came out. Is the only save I have. Ive aded severall graphics logo/kits back in November and since then I haven´t download any new ones. As i explained before, it happens in random dates but always in the moment the game is processing between the final team talk and the main menu after a match. When you start the game again, you can play that same match with no problems whatesoever but then, in the following match, the same will ocour. What else do you need?
  4. Is there no one in the Sigames/FM staff who can help me? Really?
  5. Hi, Im having a problem in the past few days. I can´t get two matches in a row without the game crashing. It began now, im in the beggining in the 4th season, it never happened before. It´s the fourth time in two days. I just can´t progress. When the match is over, after the final team talk, a message appears on the scream telling that there was a severe error in the game, that a file would be created in documents/Setting and then the game crahes. What can I do do solve it? thanks for your feedback ps: ive added a pic of what happens
  6. Case solved, I forgot to activate the game. I had the BETA version but since i didn´t play, i desactivated before i installed the box version. But then i forgot to activate with the new box code. Now its activated and with the acess to the Editor and the Resource. Thanks and sorry!
  7. Hello, ive just installed the box copy of FM 14. But i can´t find the Editor nowhere. Ive been in the Tools section and it only appears the 2013, 2012 versions of the Editor and the Resourche Archiver. And when i choose the game to see if there are available contents to download, nothing appears. What´s the issue here? Thanks SI team!
  8. Hey guys, I started today on the Beta and im having a huge and strange problem. Whenever i entered in the game the screen simply doesn´t stop to blink. I have the same specs than last year and the game worked fine. Its a PC Windows XP 32Bit 4GB, 3,2 ghz and a Nvidia GForce GT 440. Its the first time anything like this happens to me while playing FM. Is it a Beta issue someone already have or the specs changed so much that i can´t play the game as i used to anymore? Help needed please!
  9. Whats the general opinion about this model to play FM for a long time... http://www.fnac.es/HP-Pavilion-15-e027ss-Ordenador-portatil-PC-Portatil/a900800#ficheDt
  10. Thanks for the help, Can someone give the opinion about these two models please: http://www.elcorteingles.es/tienda/informatica/browse/productDetail.jsp?categoryId=999.087&productId=A9289258 and http://www.aceronline.es/portatiles-acer/acer-aspire-gama-consumo/acer-aspire-15-6/acer-aspire-e1-571g-73618g50maks-nx-m57eb-030.html The idea is to last as long as possible (3, 4 years), playing around 5 to 6 countries (15-20 leagues most) and without any issue during the 3D match and with a quick development of the game. In Spain, where i live, any PC with a dedicated graphic card NVIDIA or ATI Radeon seems to go as up as 700-800 euros. And yes, i already play FM in the PC at home and its the only game i use outside the console so there´s no need to be a great laptop on the graphic dep. thanks
  11. Hello guys, Im on to buy a new laptop, since mine is been "dead" for a long time ago (ive been playing mainly in the PC) and as FM is the only game I play outside the Xbox I want the laptop to be prepared to run well. My budget is between 400 and 700 euros max, but i would ideally spend between 500-600 since the only use the laptop will have, outside playing FM, is the Office pack and internet for work. Can you please recommend me the minimum and ideal specs for laptop or models already available in the market? I have no idea about Graphic cards (if Nvidia, AMD, memory, etc...) nor the CPU speed (if 1,8, 2,2, 2,5, 2,8 or 3,0) and since im buying a new one i imagine it will be Windows 7 or 8 and if that influences the minimum specs needed. Help would be apreciated since i need to buy it in the next few weeks! cheers
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