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  1. thing is.. thats not the problem. i just dont know if i get the best out of my midfielders. how to use Inler and so forth. i dont have any problem with moral. just draw both juventus away and ac milan at home. maby i dont have a problem at all. just wanted tips on how u other guys think when playing 433 and 451 and i u have any suggestions.
  2. ive red it to meny time dude. i need serius help...
  3. Ive just started a save with Udinese, and i want to play 4-5-1 with the wingers in a AML/AMR possition. but i dont get the tactic to work proper. anybody who know the team and consider yourself as good in tactics, please help me out. as said, i want to play 433 or 451. and i would like to use a targetplayer... my biggest problem is my inner midfield, i dont know how to play them. please help cheers
  4. FM09 and 3D on MacBook?

    no doubt about that.. fm08 ran like a dream on my old comp. but thats not the question, how good does fm09 3d match engine work on the lastest brand of macbooks
  5. FM09 and 3D on MacBook?

    and what configuration do u use mate?
  6. FM09 and 3D on MacBook?

    okey guys. i really hope this work now, cuz i just sold of my Pc. And i am just about to order a macbook 2,4ghz 2gig ram and this nvidia 9400 thing. =)
  7. FM09 and 3D on MacBook?

    does it work or does it work like a dream on the highest settings?
  8. Anyone got Fm09 3D match engine to run on a MacBook? Please tell me what macbook u use! I need a new one, cuz mine wont run 3D at all. Thanks!
  9. Mac - any 3D Match Engine?

    so its only a problem if you run with the GMA-grapic card then? sounds fair.
  10. Mac - any 3D Match Engine?

    bad news for me then. do i really have to stick to PC over this. awful, just awful.
  11. Ive just sold my MacBook after 2yrs of service. Reason? The 3D Match Engine didnt work. anyway My question is: How does the 3D Match Engine work for you? and what Mac do you use? I really need to get some information about this, before I buy a new one! tnx guys!
  12. Which Player did you 'Discover'?

    this is a so called santa-thread. directly translated to english from the swedish term "tomte-tråd"
  13. whitin the 3d match view, i would like more widgets =) so that i can make changes to my tactic without getting in to that oldschool splitview for example.
  14. my 0-4 away win over Milan, second season, with Napoli. (fm09) It was my turning point that season. =) it was nice. spent a few hours just setting up a new tactic and the outcome was more than satisfying.