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  1. Anyone know how your friend can connect to my online game?? i have created one and told him the name etc and he can't find it in search, we both have steam and both are connected online to FM at the same time? any help as can't find anything on the New FM15 game...
  2. What i mean't is that neither of my skins or graphics are working. As i stated previously nothing is loading etc. Any idea?
  3. Hi guys. Been looking on the fourms for information but cant see anything. Im in need of help with the loading of Logos, Kits, Faces etc. I have all my files in the right places. I.E. Sports Interactive - Football Manager 13 - Graphics / Skins etc. Ive seen on the fourms abouts "unclicking caching" and clicking "Reload skins" on. I have restarted the game, ive tried everything. I literally dont understand why they wont load on the game. If there is somewhere else on the fourms i apologise and can you direct me to the right place, otherwise i need all the information i can get! i cant play FM without these features Thank you! Michael
  4. Anyone else having trouble loading this skin onto there FM game? doesnt seem to appear in my interface skin drop down menu... HELP!
  5. anyone else getting this post when trying to download the mega pack? Downloads disabled Premium Downloads have been temporarily disabled due to a problem with our server that was causing the whole site to run slow, they will be back very soon. ????
  6. when your playing fm and your gf is sitting near you watching tv, your team scores a last minute goal to secure the prem, you jump up in the air and start shouting "oh yesss, ive won the league"... you then go over to your other half and start kissing her in excitement and one thing leads to another!!
  7. I found Darren Bent to be good for Spurs but thats about it... Dont be the Scum!! Up the Gunners!!! :D:D:D
  8. Villa.... Agbonlahor and Carew up top are soild together.. Barry and Reo-Coker in the mid... Quailty Im in my 2nd season with villa and 2nd in the league.... Gabby has 30 goals with 2 games till end of season... Villa all the way!! :thup:
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