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  1. Just to clarify, the clubhouse is in Ambjörby but the stadium (Lillängens IP) lies in the village of Sysslebäck which has a whopping 500 inhabitants
  2. League table 1 | League table 2 | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 I am speechless. 3rd place is more than I could ever hope for and it also means that we are qualified for the EL. For most of the season we were Leicestering (it's a verb now ). The comparison to Leicester is relevant since we played similar to how they do irl with focus on deadly counter-attacks and it worked for most of the season although the big boys got us figured out a bit during the end of the Champions group. In the end Dynamo and Steaua Bucarest was a number to big for us and will prove to be tough nuts to crack in the future. Key players Fabio Novo: What a monster. 27 goals and 12 assists in 37 games is just brutal. Nico Varela: The main link to Novo. His crosses, free kicks and corners in the end got him 18 assists and 7 goals. Daniel Dajbog: No need to repeat myself with this guy, solid as ever. Youth intake: My coaches rate this guy very highly but personally feel he has way too much he needs to improve but we will see, might get some use out of him. Next season I am looking forward to getting murdered in the EL and I am a bit worried that our participation there might hinder our progress domestically. Hopefully it won't be so and we can aim for Europe next season as well but we will require serious strengthening and more importantly some depth in the squad as injuries is a big threat currently. The board has given me a little gift, seems they have learned how to negotiate with the local politicians this time Season Division Romanian cup Romanian league cup Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Romanian division 2 N/A N/A 11th 2017/18 Romanian division 2 N/A N/A 6th 2018/19 Romanian division 2 N/A N/A 2nd Promotion 2019/20 Romanian division 1 N/A First round 9th 2020/21 Romanian division 1 Qtr. final Qtr. Final 9th 2021/22 Romanian division 1 7th round Qtr. Final 3th Qualfied for EL
  3. Wow, that's harsh mate. Hope it gets resolved for you in due time. In other news, I have tied up a striker and a new left back which in turn means the club have gotten its first non-romanian player.
  4. They are doing so-so, Steaua is the only team which has reached the Champions League group stage. They have also reached the 2nd Elimination round of the EL. But the other Romanian teams have been pants. No, no idea how the get around that. My guess is that you have to build a new stadium or nag enough
  5. League table | Relegation group | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Competitions Another fairly stable season with minor improvements over last year. This time we were actually only six points from getting into the champions group instead of the relegation group but in the end we couldn't score enough goals to make it. In the relegation group we were doing just fine since there were several teams that was quite dreadful which allowed us to get "sure" victories. In the cups we got to the Quarter finals of the newly started Romanian cup aswell as the League cup. We got knocked out by Craiova in the former and FC Brasov in the latter. In the champions group, Dynamo Bucarest and Steaua Bucarest were heads and shoulders above everyone else and Dynamo managed to snatch the title in the end while Steaua took the cups. Key players Daniel Dajbog: Similar to last season, he was a solid rock on the midfield and made my backline a easier time Roland Niczuly: A solid goalie makes quite the difference which Niczuly proved with 11 clean sheets Sorin Stroescu: He was not very good during the autumn but when spring rolled around he exploded and in the last 7 matches he got I think 4 Player of the match awards. Youth intake Blergh Next season I will try to push for the top half next season with a few more high quality signings and have already secured this guy and will be looking for a classy striker next. Besides that I will further try getting the board to do what I want. Sadly now the local politicians has turned against me Season Division Romanian cup Romanian league cup Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Romanian division 2 N/A N/A 11th 2017/18 Romanian division 2 N/A N/A 6th 2018/19 Romanian division 2 N/A N/A 2nd Promotion 2019/20 Romanian division 1 N/A First round 9th 2020/21 Romanian division 1 Qtr. final Qtr. Final 9th
  6. League table 1 | Relegation group | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 First season in Division 1 cleared, and with a few points to go! Overall it was a up and down season where we managed to secure most of the "must-have" points although we got plummeted by the big boys in the series a few times. All in all a brilliant season. Key players Robert Elek: Brought in during the summer to improve our striker position and he did it well. 15 goals for him anjd he would have gotten more if he didn't have a big slump during the spring Daniel Dajbog: Our defensive anchor in the midfield had a ton of work to do but proved more than capable of handling the task Sorin Stroescu: A own product who early got play time due to injuries but proved himself very quickly and is looking to be someone I need to hang on for a long time Youth intake Following the trend from the first seasons there is only one player worth mentioning and he might just save me the trouble of signing a back up goalie. Next season The board have continiously doing their best to drive me insane with their constant denying of my requests. To my big surprise they decided on their own volition to both expand the stadium and upgrade youth facilities. Seems like my nagging got the best of them Besides that I also already got a new goalie secured for next season for free and will look for a new right winger and general improvements overall so we can turn some of all these godforsaken draws into wins! Season Division Romanian league cup Position Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Romanian division 2 N/A 11th 2017/18 Romanian division 2 N/A 6th 2018/19 Romanian division 2 N/A 2nd Promotion 2019/20 Romanian division 1 First round 9th
  7. Gundo: Pretty darn good for this level Fastbasher: Yeah, sadly he did "only" bring knwoledge of western Europe
  8. The backroom in Metaloglobus just got a bit more starspangled
  9. Fastbasher: Nicely done and congratulations on the cup win Quacky: Seems like Mr. Duck has found his footing , shame on Andy King.
  10. Cheers mate. Neither would I but he seemed to have a uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time.
  11. League table | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 We made it! It may look like it was easy but it was one of the most harrowing endings I have witnessed in FM. Ever since just after winter break we were 7 teams fighting for the top spots and one after another teams fell apart until it was just 4 teams standing (Us, Ceahlul, Cluj and Voluntarii). These 4 teams literally was just 1 point away from each other for most of the spring but due to Clujs and Voluntariis dreadful last 5 games we managed to secure promotion alongside Ceahlul. Key Players Gianni Paraschiv: 26 league goals and 9 assists, that is all. Marius Marin: Was supposed to play the role Mitea did for us and he did it admirably. 15 goals and 11 assists is brilliant for a MC. Was rewarded with a spot on the Romanian U-21 team and even got a sub for them Ciprian Brata: Brought in during the winter transfer window and he settled immediatly and gave us some much needed unpredictability. Youth intake Ciprian Gheorghe, Gabriel Maghici and Sorin Stroescu were the standouts and all 3 of them looks like they can be useful for us. Worth noting is also this guy from our first intake who both I and my assistant wrote off as garbage, seems like we were wrong Next season The board is on what seems like a quest to irritate me as much as possible. They refuse to upgrade anything and besides giving us a decent transfer and wage budget is driving me halway to madness. Besides that securing our top players (Marin and Chivari) as well as general strengthening of the team will be top priority since we will be by far the smallest team in Division 1. Time to whip out the tactics I had for my first season again
  12. League table Fixtures We have been notoriuosly hard to beat this season going on a 15 match unbeaten spree before top dogs Ceahlaul beat us fairly easily. Although we have few losses, there is a bit too many draws which I feel should have been victories if we've been a bit more clinical in front of the goal. It feels weird complaining when in second place:D Transfers made during the summer window Marin and Halmaghe were shown in my last post and for some god forsaken reason I can't take a screenshot of Petricau Gianni Paraschiv Daniel Dajbog Andrei Roman Adrian Rebrisorean Paraschiv have been a monster during the fall with 12 goals so far and the most important player alongside Marin . Petricau and Dajbog has been good while Roman and Rebrisorean were signed for backup and since there has been few injuries not alot of game time for them. For the spring I hope we can hold on to a qualification spot as we really need the cash that a promotion would give. I think it should be possible as long as Paraschiv and Marin stay fit and doesn't do something silly.
  13. Good progress everyone except Quacky who just keep getting shafted
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