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  1. Omg omggggggg!!! He said the 'p' word!!!!!!!
  2. I got a one week ban for saying the words.... "don't believe you I am afraid" .... THAT IS A JOKE!
  3. Is anyone allowed to have an opinion on this forum anymore ? Or are mods just going to dish out infractions and bans when ever somebody has something something to say. This forum is getting a bit of a joke now to be honest with you.
  4. don't believe you I am afraid
  5. I would have downloaded this if you had selected Spain, England and Italy....
  6. Its out tomorrow, I have my sources... no jokes.
  7. Its out tomorrow I have heard.. no jokes.
  8. I have my sources, trust me.... 12 noon tomorrow.
  9. getting released tomorrow.
  10. Sure send it on.
  11. I want a game thats playable...
  12. Automatic button FTW
  13. AGREED! 11.2.1 is the worst patch in the history of all FM games.
  14. Not good enough I am afraid, my game is ruined in my opinion and now can't carry on with it in the knowing that I can't accept a job offer else where at a higher reputation club. Im wiping my hands with FM2011 now... I'm done with the dam awful game.
  15. Nope doesn't work.