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  1. Alongside the 'stepping down as captain' tip, worth checking out his future plans and trying to move him into a coaching or scouting role. Even if he turns out to be rubbish as a staff member, it's often an area where you can afford one 'spare pair of hands' to compile initial reports or add numbers for general training.
  2. My advice (which I don't always take myself!) is to rate players on how they play, and don't get too hung up on the stars. Hidden stats can be the real determinant of the value of a player. I've sold players who were great for the club, but didn't 'look' like much, and pretty much always regretted it. Likewise sometimes the '5 star' purchase turns out to be an absolute stinker. In truth, that kind of unpredictability is what keeps me hooked on the game. Without that, it's 'Spreadsheet Manager'.
  3. I'm inclined to think they could open that side of the game up a bit, just allow people to more easily add their own sounds - recordings made at games could be used as a base by people who were enthusiastic about improving that side of the match-day experience, then tagged as 'winning' 'near miss' 'defiant chanting' 'booooooooooooo' etc and used by the game in those situations. That said, I invariably have the sound on mute and the real footy on the radio, so a bit wasted on me :-) Crafty bit of teasing on twitter I just noticed:
  4. I think it's certainly true that the game following a loss which interrupts a long unbeaten streak is an extremely vulnerable situation. I often rotate much more in that situation, even if that means playing an apparently 'weaker' team. I'm not sure if that's successful because the game interprets that as 'dropping' the players who played badly, or because of morale issues resulting from the realisation that they are beatable.
  5. Who are your three world-class strikers? (I'd say Alexis Sanchez is possibly 'world-class' by the following definition, don't think any other strikers at Arsenal at present are.): "a world class player is someone who could walk into any team in the world and improve them." That's an off-the-cuff definition, so you can supply your own if you think it's a poor one. I'd say FM has a high degree of 'streakiness', especially when it comes to strikers, but I think that's an attempt to simulate reality.
  6. I think you know this is a little disingenous - the chain of losses isn't "because of a single defeat" - as you have observed, there is a downwards spiral. From the information you have given us I'm inclined to think the squad's mentality is particularly fragile - creating a negative feedback loop. In respect to 'world class strikers missing simple chances all the time', surely we've all seen that exact pattern happen with Fernado Torres at Chelsea the most obvious recent example. I think the more I play FM, the more impressed I am at the way it mirrors the psychological state of the team on the pitch. The issue might be whether it gives you enough tools to deal with it adequately?
  7. Convincing assessment I would say - but it perhaps opens the door a crack. "If they could develop the online portion of the game more" - that's the line for me. I think the FML-which-might-just-work has to be something which grows out of the single-player game. For me, the killer aspect of FML was taking on another human rather than a more predictable AI. A 'drop-in' system would work pretty well - where anyone online jumps into 'your game' as your current opponent, and manages them for that one game.
  8. Thorough and patient work indeed, I've been focusing on Roles and duties since the days of classic but your concise explanation of secondary instructions might persuade me to have a stab at some more bespoke individual micro-management. Food for thought, well done!
  9. Here's my stoopid training question. It might not have a definitive answer, but I would appreciate opinions. Is it worth hassling players who the coaches report as performing poorly in training? I feel compelled to pull them up, but it often results in them getting really narked, and the ones who say 'right boss, I'll work harder' inevitably re-appear as the offenders the next time. I tend to ignore the veterans who are coasting downhill to retirement, and carpet the youngsters, but is that illogical? It's an aspect of the game that's always bugged me for some reason.
  10. I'd say there is a decent rule of thumb hiding in there - if you have a player who isn't great at defending, you want them applying pressure to the ball, not cluttering up your defensive line. That's why I'm loath to play weak fullbacks - if they screw up, they are often allowing a direct run and shot on goal. I don't mind wingers failing to win the ball - there's usually another chance to defend.
  11. I found that the lack of defensive qualities didn't stop my wingers* doing a decent job of limiting the flanks - even if the opposition hared past them as if they weren't there, their presence seemed to stop my CB's from getting dragged out of position, meaning the resulting cross wasn't often a threat, and sometimes resulted in a good counter as a bonus. The wide men were still prominent and successful attackers, often running from the half-way line to contribute. * actually wide mid seemed to be the best fit.
  12. You can't afford to be weak defensively I reckon In similar situations, I've found dropping the fullbacks altogether can be effective - play three CB's - probably as 'limited' defenders and rely on midfielders to cover the wings - either playing as wide mids or 'defensive wingers'. Deploy a DM in front of the CBs to act as the 'water carrier' and stop the defence getting pulled out into midfield too much, probably Anchorman from the stats you describe? With that base, you can afford midfielders with a fairly attacking brief in front of the DM - so even if they aren't great they shouldn't cause too many disasters. Good luck!
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