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  1. One feature I have always thought would be great is if some players could be coaxed out of retirement. For example, I'm fairly sure Dennis Wise and Gus Poyet both registered as players for Leeds in League One (although neither played), Edgar Davids came out of retirement to become player/manager of Barnet, Ronaldo teased coming out of retirement to play for Fort Lauderdale, SAF convinced Paul Scholes to come out of retirement to rescue Man Utd, Landon Donovan for LA Galaxy, and of course there was a whole wave of players coming out of retirement to play in the Indian Super League. Even in a very primitive format, whereby the game retained a record saying - for example - that David James was a goalkeeper, I would be quite happy to see random stats attributed on his return. Slightly better would be to keep a more detailed record, such as that David James was an eccentric, commanding goalkeeper. I think this would be an interesting addition to the game, especially managing in the lower leagues. If you are struggling with a small squad and limited budget, being able to ask members of your staff to register as players would be a great help. An alternative benefit would be a small financial boost for a small team getting a big name to appear for them (albeit without the ability they had in their prime). This ability is there to a small extent in the fact that players become player/non-players towards the end of their careers, but I believe there to be a couple of issues with this: if you ever hire one of these guys in staff role, they immediately retire as a player the player/non-players tend to want small wages for a non-player role, but often 5/6/7 times as much for a player/coach role for example. What do you think?
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