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  1. Pretty much as the title says: I am suggesting that International Competitions (ie, World Cup, European League) be added as a filter option under Cup Competitions Appeared In to allow us to filter players who played in those competitions last. This would be of great use as a scouting tool instead of manually going through National squads to initiate scouting or seeing an extra hundred players who aren't involved in those competitions (sorry New Caledonian players).
  2. The majority of appearance records and media stats include cup + continental games for a player's appearances towards their football clubs. However, the current Career stats for a player history will only include league appearances on the "quick glance". This results in: - Inaccurate histories (lower appearance count) - Inaccurate stats (lower goals, assists, POM, AVRs) My suggestion is to expand the "quick glance" to include league, cup and continental games. Those interested in specific stats (ie, league-only or cup-only) would be able to expand a season's statistics as is cur
  3. Given assistant managers often follow a manager between clubs, along with other staff (coaches, scouts, etc), could we have staff follow player and AI managers to clubs? Possibly with it being a factor for jobs (interview question - would you want staff members to follow? select from current staff, etc) given the compensation to be paid, unless favoured staff opt to resign to follow managers around. Quite often we see IRL a handful of staff members follow a manager around (example: Mick McCarthy with Terry Connors and Dave Bowman, Paul Hurst with Chris Doig).
  4. Nicholas Millan has always been one for me. Honestly expected him to be in a European club by now, given the hype he was given at 14 (including by the BBC). Always load the Chilian leagues and try to sign him though. Jonathan Tuffey is another one I used to sign, back in the day. Always became a solid keeper for me. Looks like he may be finding himself a good career in Scotland but had hoped he would be playing for a Championship club.
  5. Player Information First name: Joshua Last Name: Scullion Nickname (optional): DOB: 16/01/1995 (16yo) City of Birth: Bury St Edmunds Nationality: English Height (CM): 179 Weight (KG): 75 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Color: Dark Brown Favourite clubs (optional): Ipswich Town, Colchester United Disliked clubs: (optional): Norwich, Manchester United, Real Madrid Favourite personnel (optional): George Burnley, Terry Butcher Disliked personnel (optional): Paul Lambert, Wayne Rooney, Grant Holt Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): Ipswich Town Preferred
  6. Which formation and player settings are you using, Bealesy? Some impressive results there
  7. I always use counter - haven't adjusted the settings in 2 seasons and it seems to be working wonders. If I'm drawing or got a good lead (say, 2-4 goals more than the opponent) I'll switch to attacking and throw some younger players on to blood them in a game I've already won. If I recall correctly, the last time I used Control was in the 10/11 season near the end of the season to grasp onto draws against the bigger clubs.
  8. @Sammie B: All defenders are set to Defend, all midfielders set to Support and all attackers set to Attack. Just entered the 13/14 season. Came second place to Man City in the League, won the FA and League Cup, got knocked out of the Champions League during the Semi-Finals (to Barcelona...grr) and got offered the England job (had to accept that!). I've diverted from my normal habits of buying quality players aged 25-27 and/or golden oldies to get them as staff in favor of my now-sprouted-potential-legends Academy youths. Had to sell a few players to even my sides out but things are looking
  9. @Sammie_B: I was playing with a Counter Stategy and player/team instructions as listed in the first post. I've changed my player roles since that season (midway of 12/13 season and have gotten a new batch of players). Targetman has been replaced with a Complete Forward (to compliment Demba Ba's skills) and Trequartista has replaced Poacher (to compliment Wayne Rooney's skills). Still effective, if not more so. --------------------------Goalkeeper--------------------------- --Wingback----Ball-Playing Defender---Limited Defender------Wingback-- --------------------Box-to-Box Midfielder-----Ba
  10. 4-2-4 with player instructions as listed in the opening post. Won with this squad: --------------------------Hart--------------------------- --Rosenior----da Costa---Ben-Haim------Spurr-- --------------------Kvist-----Hugo Viana------------- Edwards---------------------------------Martin/Reid ----------------Bojinov-------Walters---------------- 11/12 season is going well. Stadium got upgraded, won some very lucky Champions League games and finally entered the final stages of the League Cup. Sitting 3rd with goal difference stopping me being 1st. Ba is sensational. Can't believe how well
  11. Completely forgot to take screenshots at the end of the season and darted into the new one (11/12). Came 3rd in the end, had a really bad spell of results that allowed Man City and Arsenal to shoot above me. I was slightly disappointed (seeing as I was first...) but meh, I got enough money to upgrade the stadium and Youth Academy. Sold Jon Walters (4.3m), Lee Martin (5.2m), Ebi Smolarek (4.8m), Alex Bruce (5m), Carlos Edwards (2.3m), Owen Garvan (6.8m), Connor Wickham (2.5m), Alan Quinn (750k) and de Costa (3.8m). Bought Jo (7.5m), Gennaro Galassi (10m), Beckham (free and hoping he becomes a
  12. Good to see people enjoying playing as Ipswich. If only they could get some of the signings in-game for real...ah well. Finally got to Jan 2011. Sat at top of the table but my form has been really poor (1:0 wins at the best of times). In fact, a lot of the Premiership seems to be doing dreadful - lots of poor quality games and players having absolute stinkers. Hopefully it'll change with the Jan. Transfer Window. Transferwise: looking at buying a new AMR and a new ST. May end up looking for a new CB and a backup GK (as Murphy is getting stressed by not playing games - Joe Hart is just too
  13. @Killer: Thanks, not quite sure how I managed to achieve that. Touchline shouts must really do the trick... What role were you playing James Vaughan at? 31 goals is impressive (so impressive that I had to scout him and assess if he would slot into my side). Also: what players/positions did you find most inconsistent? Personally I've found strikers (that start at Ipswich) and the central defenders (that start at Ipswich) to be the worst for having a great game, then four dreadful ones. @Owen: Nice signings! Shame about the cup runs (although the League is worth so much more...); do you think y
  14. My bad on missing Civelli. Totally overlooked the winger when making my post but I've corrected that for future thread viewers. 4-5-1 I've played for a few games, normally at my AssMan's recommendation, and Trotter turned out quite well in that position. Alternatively, retraining Leadbitter would provide a player that can attack from that spot without having to go overboard on bringing a good DM in. Jack Cork may be available on loan, although I'm not too sure on that... Finally completed my first season, getting the top spot and instantly getting bombarded with clubs offering me their playe
  15. Well, reached the end of the demo. Got several good runs of no-losses (W17D8L2 including Leagues and Cups) and I'm sitting at top of the Championship. I brought in James Chester as a CD back-up and he's quickly gained a first-team spot. Doubt I'll get him in 10/11...got my eyes on several others in preparation for the Premiership. Also ended up getting Arsenal as a feeder club; so I'm hoping that might produce a few good deals next season/loan window. Overall, squad is performing well. Smolarek is currently leading my goalcharts with 14 goals in 20 Appearances (7.32 average rating). Pri
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