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  1. Pretty much as the title says: I am suggesting that International Competitions (ie, World Cup, European League) be added as a filter option under Cup Competitions Appeared In to allow us to filter players who played in those competitions last. This would be of great use as a scouting tool instead of manually going through National squads to initiate scouting or seeing an extra hundred players who aren't involved in those competitions (sorry New Caledonian players).
  2. The majority of appearance records and media stats include cup + continental games for a player's appearances towards their football clubs. However, the current Career stats for a player history will only include league appearances on the "quick glance". This results in: - Inaccurate histories (lower appearance count) - Inaccurate stats (lower goals, assists, POM, AVRs) My suggestion is to expand the "quick glance" to include league, cup and continental games. Those interested in specific stats (ie, league-only or cup-only) would be able to expand a season's statistics as is currently present. Additionally, my suggestion would be to expand this to news items as well. An example is a player I had made 15 league and 11 cup appearances in the 19/20 season. The 20/21 season news items listed him as only appearing in the 15 league games - just over half of what he actually appeared in (26 games played).
  3. Ipswich Town Luke Garbutt is on a two year loan deal at Ipswich Town, with his contract with Everton expiring 31/5/21. This is inaccurate. He is on a 1 year loan at Ipswich with his contact expiring at the end of the 19/20 season with Everton. Sources: https://www.itfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/luke-garbutt-joins-ipswich-town/ https://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/town-set-to-sign-garbutt-on-loan-from-everton-1-6155491
  4. Given assistant managers often follow a manager between clubs, along with other staff (coaches, scouts, etc), could we have staff follow player and AI managers to clubs? Possibly with it being a factor for jobs (interview question - would you want staff members to follow? select from current staff, etc) given the compensation to be paid, unless favoured staff opt to resign to follow managers around. Quite often we see IRL a handful of staff members follow a manager around (example: Mick McCarthy with Terry Connors and Dave Bowman, Paul Hurst with Chris Doig).
  5. I've played Hewitt fairly consistently and he hasn't improved much. It's a shame as he was a dominating force for me in FM14 in my initial play through. Even Parr hasn't been spectacular. Great job in the Prem, mrdanbartlett! Just don't do a Burley
  6. What tactics are you using, fairsy? Although Joe Royle did well with the outscoring and who cares about the defence method!
  7. Welcome to the Blues then, Ginola! May your stay be long and fruitful Love the finding, mrdanbartlett. 5 in 10 for the Championship is an impressive trait. Are you playing him alone or partnered? I'd debated signing Henry at the start of the game as he fits with MM's player type and thus should slot into the side as a replacement/back-up for Hyam. It was a shock that we didn't sign him IRL! How's he doing for you? What role have you got him playing?
  8. If I remember correctly, I got a wage budget of 500k and a transfer budget of 25m for avoid relegation. You're right, Jimbo! Changed the post accordingly.
  9. Season 2 - 2015/2016 English Premier League - 11th, W15 D12 L10, GD +20 (For: 70 Against: 50) FA Cup - Fifth Round, v QPR Carling One Cup - Third Round, v Chelsea Transfers in: Jesse Homer (regen, free), Osmar (free), Jack Hunt (1.4m), Tyler Blackett (free), Iain Vigurs (free), Brad Friedel (free), Alex Smithies (1.8m), Artur Boruc (free), Luan (625k), Fernando Cavenaghi (350k), Kyle Naughton (1.4m), Kevin N'Zuzi mata (free), Andy King (free), Wolf Mathieu (regen, free), Hugo Vermiere (regen, free) Transfers out: Tommy Smith (950k), Denis Stracqualursi (1m), most of the youth team, loans Standout players: Christophe Berra (P40 G7 A7.33), Denis Stracqualursi (P25 G14 A7.31), Alex Henshall (P33 G9 A7.30), Luke Chambers (P42 G4 A7.23), Paul Anderson (P30 G8 A7.22) A good season pre-release in the Premiership. It helped having the usual beta goals galore issue. Had some issues with work permits and forgetting about minimum release fees (hence Smith and Stracqualursi leaving) but otherwise another enjoyable season. My youth intake was awful again. Fowler had an impressive season in Scotland and I'll be looking to give him some games in the Town side and perhaps some loan time in the next season. Clarke is pushing for a promotion to the first team but I think another season on loan would be beneficial. I've got my training facilities and youth facilities upgraded to "Great" and "Excellent" respectively but the biggest news is that a 41888 capacity new stadium is being bizarrely constructed. Not sure why, it's only one season in the Premiership but I was chuffed with the name: Alf Ramsey Arena. I'll use the in-game editor to correct SI's error and have the stadium called the "Sir Alf Ramsey Arena". Or SARA, as I'll call it in my mind. She'll be a glorious stadium.
  10. I'm using a 4-4-2 at the moment almost exclusively. A 5-3-2 with wingbacks would also suit Ipswich at the beginning. 442: Mentality: attacking Shape: flexible Instructions: shorter passing, play out of defence, whipped crosses, run at defence, look for overlap, close down more, stay on feet, faster tempo
  11. Season 1 - 2014/2014 Sky Bet Championship - 1st, W26 D11 L9, GD +44 (For: 126 Against: 88) FA Cup - Third Round, v Leeds Carling One Cup - Fourth Round, v Man City Transfers in: Sean St. Ledger (free), Simon Church (400k), Dino Halilovic (free, youth team), Nicky Maynard (650k), Denis Stracqualursi (free) Transfers out: Darren Ambrose (free), Anthony Wordsworth (57k), Balint Bajner (free), youth loans Standout players: Christophe Berra (P33(7), G7, A7.33), Denis Stracqualursi (P13(13), G14, A7.31), Alex Henshall (P30(3), G9, A7.30), Daryl Murphy (P23(6), G14, A7.25), Luke Chambers (P38(4), G4, A7.23) Standout youth players: Darren McQueen - U21 (P38(3), G20, A7.11), Alex McDonnell - U21 (P27(11), G2, A6.98), Sam Ford - U19 (P33, G25, A7.51), Ronaldo Jones - U19 (P35, G15, A7.11) Enjoyed my first season in FM15. It's a shame about the goals conceded. I think it's the usual beta edition irregularities causing many high scoring games (winning 6-3, losing 5-4) so it'll be interesting to see how that translates into Season 2 and later the full release edition. Quite happy with the default squad, only some depth required to make a decent side. Church was useless but I guess every manager has to sign a dud. My youth intake was awful so I'm not expecting many graduates. George Fowler looks promising and he'll be getting more exposure in the first team whilst the standout youth players will get the chance to impress during pre-season. As for future transfers, I'll be sticking to free transfers from Premiership sides. I've got a budget of 250k (current: 216k/week) wages and 16m transfer fees.
  12. Good going, Owen! Glad to see you've succeeded without major changes. How's Hansen play for you? Any youth team close to the first team?
  13. Collison is a welcomed addition when he returns from injury. He's having a hard time knocking Bru out though, woulsn't have thought of Bru as an advanced playmaker but he's doing well! I've found my fullbacks to be the biggest creative sparks. Parr and Mings are amazing and Hewitt is developing nicely. Nicky Maynard is a good striker available for 600k if you want a permeant competitor to M&M. Fast, finds the net and offers another element to the Ipswich front line. Don't buy Simon Church though!
  14. Current Squad Goalkeepers Dean Gerken - Signed in the summer of 2013, Dean Gerken staked his claim in the 2013/2014 season with numerous impressive performances and is the current first choice goalkeeper for Ipswich. A reliable goalkeeper for Championship sides, Gerken can play an important role in the Ipswich team. Bartosz Bialkowski - Signed to compete with Dean Gerken, Bialkowski joins after a solid season with Notts Country and will provide adequate competition for the No.1 shirt. Bialkowski is in his second spell with Ipswich, having been signed on-loan by Ipswich in the 2008-09 season. Hot Prospect: Michael Crowe - The Welsh/Norwegian goalkeeper has yet to make his debut for Ipswich but has made the bench on several occasions. Tipped to be a good Championship goalkeeper, Crowe is primed to follow the legacy of Academy products entering the Ipswich side. Defenders Elliot Hewitt - The Welsh U-21 right-back joined Ipswich being touted as the right-sided Gareth Bale. Hewitt returns to the Ipswich side after a strong season with Gillingham and can become a stable element of the Ipswich defense with some experience. Christophe Berra - The Scottish international was signed by former boss Mick McCarthy to add depth to the defense and the center back quickly became a fan favourite with his top class performances last season. Berra will be one of the first names on the team sheet. Luke Chambers - Entering his third season with Ipswich, Chambers is a reliable center back who continues to be a reliable element in Ipswich's defense. Whilst played as a center back, Chambers is a capable right back having filled that spot during the previous season with solid performances. Tommy Smith - The New Zealand International is a graduate of the Ipswich Town Academy and saw World Cup action in 2010 at the tender age of 20. The center back has developed in a highly capable player in the Championship. Formerly a left back, Smith can cover the left back position if required. Tyrone Mings - Plucked from the lower leagues, Mings has been faced with filling the shoes of Aaron Cresswell, the PFA Team of the Year player and former Ipswich player of the year. Nicknamed Mings the Marauder, the left back and most expensive player in recent Ipswich sides at a whopping 10k, Mings has the potential to follow Cresswell into becoming an established Premiership player. Johnny Parr - Initially signed as competition for Mings in the left back role, Parr has found himself playing in the right back position with success in recent times. The Norwegian international ensures Ipswich's left back position is well covered whilst providing an alternative option for the right back role. Hot Prospect: Matthew Clarke - Tipped by McCarthy as a future first team regular, the Academy product provides decent cover for the center back role. Midfielders Cameron Stewart - Signed to provide competition along the right wing, Stewart is able to play on either wing as a decent Championship player. With some time, Stewart can be a first team regular. Paul Anderson - Finding his element last season, Anderson is a right winger who strives to become better. With age, speed and a decent cross, Anderson will serve Ipswich well in the Championship. Cole Skuse - A strong ball-winning midfielder, Skuse is a hardworking center midfielder who provides coverage for the defense. Whilst weak on his attacking element, Skuse can be the perfect partner for a playmaker. Jay Tabb - A decent Championship midfielder, Tabb is capable of playing in the center or on the left. An all-rounder without excelling at any elements, Tabb is a good rotation player for Ipswich. Luke Hyam - An Academy product of Ipswich, Hyam is a strong ball-winning midfielder who can also provide some grit in the final third of the pitch. His high work rate makes him a good box-to-box midfielder although don't expect many goals from the 22 year old. Kevin Bru - Signed after a trial in the summer, Bru fits the Ipswich midfield mentality of work hard. Weak in the tackle, Bru has a decent eye for a pass and likes to attempt the long shots with varied success. Darren Ambrose - An Academy product of Ipswich from their spell in the Premiership, Ambrose is back for his third spell at Ipswich. Now playing as an attacking midfielder, Ambrose brought in for his creativity and can be a successful playmaker. Jack Collison - Released from West Ham in the summer, Collison is coming back from injury and can become an integral part of the Ipswich midfield. Known for his work ethic and team work, Collison fits perfectly into the Ipswich side. Teddy Bishop - An Academy product of Ipswich, Bishop has come into the first team this season with an attacking flair that adds a crucial element previously lacking. Bishop has the potential to be in the side for some time despite his youth. Stephen Hunt - The experienced left winger was brought back this season to provide competition for the young Henshall. A character in the dressing room who's pace is beginning to wean, Hunt can be a decent player for a year or two whilst Henshall develops. Alex Henshall - A former Man City player, Henshall has excited Ipswich fans with his attacking abilities down the left. Young and inexperienced, Henshall needs game time to develop but can become a leading Championship player. Hot Prospect: Monty Patterson - A New Zealands U-20 player, Patterson is a left winger with the potential to become a key player in the Ipswich side. Forwards David McGoldrick - Ipswich's top goalscorer last season despite being injured for the last few months, McGoldrick will provide goals and is willing to work hard to get the opportunities. Able to play upfront or in an attacking midfielder role, McGoldrick is one of the first names on the team sheet. Daryl Murphy - One of the longest serving Ipswich players despite numerous loan spells with the club, Murphy has found his element in the past season and is a brilliant strike partner for McGoldrick. Capable of winning headers and scoring screamers, Murphy is a staple of the Ipswich side. Conor Sammon - A hardworking forward, Sammon is a targetman who can unsettle defenses and win the ball for more capable goalscorers. Currently on loan from Derby. Balint Bajner - Signed after a trial in the summer, Bajner follows the Ipswich tradition of hopeful Hungarian strikers. A back-up player for Ipswich, Bajner is a good aerial striker who can provide fresh legs in the dying moments of the game. Hot Prospect: Frank Nouble - The work-in-progress player has had his moments in the Town shirt. A strong and fast forward, Nouble has the potential to become a good first team player with Ipswich if managers can develop him. Currently on loan to Coventry. Analysis Ipswich starts the season with a strong squad that is capable of pushing for the play-offs. Whilst there are some injuries at the beginning, there is adequate depth to cover until players are back up to match fitness. The weakest element for Ipswich is up front. Murphy and McGoldrick are arguably leading Championship players however Sammon and Bajner leave little to be desired. Adding a few forwards as competition and rotation options will ensure managers aren't left struggling for goals if M&M are injured throughout the season. A dedicated right back may be required, with Hewitt the only established RB in the team. Chambers and Parr are capable of playing the position but managerial tactics may require some thoughts in the transfer market. There's a good balance between age, potential and experience. If Ipswich remain in the Championship after the first season, managers shouldn't expect to need many signings to push for promotion. Recommended tactics Ipswich under the McCarthy era has seen wingbacks dominating from defense and managers will find they are able to continue this legacy with devastating effect. Mings, Hewitt and Parr all love to dash to the corner flag and aim a cross into the box. With Ipswich's wingers initially injured, creativity can be found from the back line. The spine of Ipswich is solid defensively. With the addition of Ambrose and Collison, the midfield has gained some spark of creativity however the midfield can be characterized by a strong work ethic. It would be wise to ensure a playmaker is placed in the center of midfield to relief the pressure off the wingbacks and wingers. Murphy and Sammon are strong in the air and can be relied upon to convert crosses into goals. Pairing Murphy and McGoldrick will mean the team can convert chances from any angle in any position - just ensure the team is supplying the chances and the goals will come from the M&M team. Suggested formations: 4-4-2, 5-3-2, 4-3-3
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