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  1. This skin is absolutely fantastic, thank you especially for the light version !
  2. Wisła Kraków, polish Ekstraklasa. 8 games won in a row now. Home attacking, away counter. Fantastic tactic.
  3. I am in April 2013 now, and club is still under administration.
  4. I am in December now, and club is still under administration....
  5. I have got the same problem. I have started with 13.3 database and in the second week there was board takeover from Brazil. Than I was given 0,8M for transfers and I have over 2M on account. At the beginning of September club is still under administration. I cannot make any transfers or loans, I cannot sign any free players. When will administration end ???
  6. pr0, just for you, list of transfers in Poland. First Division: http://www.90minut.pl/transfery.php?id_sezon=81&runda=1 Second Divison: http://www.90minut.pl/transfery.php?id_sezon=81&runda=1&poziom=2 Przychodzą: transfers IN Odchodzą : transfers OUT Koniec kariery : end of career Kontuzja : serious injury Rezerwy or zespół ME: reserve squad, team B Thanks and best regards for you pr0 !!!
  7. Hi pr0. Have you made changes ( transfers, promotions etc) to polish leagues? If not and if is not too late, let me know, please. I can give you all details.
  8. The next update from Poland. Liran Cohen, Ihud Bnei Sachnin to Podbeskidzie, loan Petr Benat, Ceske Budejovice to Arka Gdynia , loan Krzysztof Hus, free player to Stal Rzeszów Mateusz Kowalski, Wisła Kraków to Nieciecza, loan Daniel Chmiel, Podbeskidzie to GKS Katowice, loan Tomas Josl, Tatran Presov to Ruch Chorzów Tamir Kahlon, Royal Charleroi to Cracovia, loan Igor Alves, Moroka Swallows FC to Widzew Łódź Hachem Abbès, CS Sfaxien to Widzew Łódź Jan Hosek, FK Teplice to Cracovia, loan Karol Kostrubała, Cracovia to KSZO, loan Maciej Wierzbicki, GKS Katowice to Podbeskidzie, loan Rafał Grzelak I (24.06.1982), free player to Ruch Chorzów Adrian Bartkowiak and Mariusz Gabrych, both free players to Warta Poznań Petar Borovićanin released by Sandecja on free transfer Josip Tadić ( former Leverkusen), free player to Lechia Gdańsk
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