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  1. Hey @PequenoGenio! Really like this skin, thank you. Do you have plans to release updated version?
  2. @michaeltmurrayukSir, you are the best !!! Thank you for your hard work!!! I can now play FM21 !
  3. Amazing skin, thank you for sharing it!
  4. I can confirm it does work properly with cut out faces. I am using Mega Pack with no issues,
  5. Fantastic skin, thank you for your hard work! The only small issue I have found is in the Player Profile. Attributes from 1-5 needs better color to see. Its now very hard to read at first glance.
  6. I have got same issue. Screen resolution 1920 x 1080, and I can only have 2 stats screens.
  7. Big thank you for your hard work!!! Is there any chance for a light version of your skin????
  8. For the first time since Championship Manager 00/01 I will not buy a new version at launch.
  9. Thank you very much for this skin, especially the light version !!!!
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