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  1. It's past midnight here. It's 12:50am, when will it be out?
  2. Hey there lads, Arsenal fan here. I started the demo obviously with Arsenal but I didn't have the courage to replace Arsene Wenger. I decided to take Liverpool as I always had a soft spot for them. I am not sure if It's only me but I started with them when the whole team morale is very poor, which was shocking to say the least. I currently play with 4-2-3-1 with no wingers and 3 AMC's and here are my signings. In: Robert Pires (Free) - started well, 2 games 1 goal 2 assists. Bernard Mendy (Free) back-up for Glen Johnson Sotiris Ninis (loan with a 7.5m agreed price) Christian Eriksen from Ajax (6.5m) Vaclav Kadlec from Sparta Prague (1.4m) Out: Stephen Derby (loan - valuable member) Jonjo Shelvey (loan - vanluable member) Pacheco (loan - cover) Dirk Kuyt to Aston Villa (5.5m) Am I doing it right or am I missing something. Played against Modle and first leg I decided to risk it by playing weak players like Spearing, Brad Jones, Konchesky, Wilson etc. I ended up losing 0-1 away despite controlling the match and N'gog missing a couple of sitters and Pires hit the post. Second match with all the pressure the players were having from the previous score line, playing at home and the board problems, we managed to beat Molde 5-1 at Anfield. I am in love with this save and I really am looking forward to continue with it. Do you have any suggestions or tips I can use? Specific player instructions, team instructions, player acquisitions, anything of that sort. Much appreciated.
  3. For me, manager is not only about getting successful results with your team but also managing it's finances to the better. When I managed Siena, 2nd season in I sold 8 of my players and loaned much more. Since I am not paying wages for those players for a whole season and actually fighting for a decent place in Serie A, I managed to get a huge profit running from the club and as a result I got a 40million transfer fee the following summer. It doesn't always work though, I got lucky plenty of times. But really, If Huddersfield only problem is finances, I believe you can do a lot to help them get their. Get them to European competition and you'll see a change in profit. That plus the expansion of the stadium and new sponsors will definitely get you there. Good luck.
  4. FM10: Transfer Budgets by League

    Hey Broode, I would of posted many more leagues but I am not the one who started this thread, I can't edit the first topic and If I add them here it would be a mess. Is there any way I can take over from the original poster? I have worked with Spike (original poster) from the start and I have contributed more than enough. If there is a way, I will no doubt add more leagues here. Cheers, Freagle.
  5. Aer L'10 - Logo Design

    Mind me, but what skin is this ? and is it available?
  6. FM2010 Asian Football Confederation Project

    Al Kuwait Football Club just won the AFC !!! WOOHOOO !!
  7. [Release] Vitreous2 skin for FM2010

    Best skin up till now. Great work.
  8. FM2010 Asian Football Confederation Project

    Fantastic work lads, keep up the good work!
  9. Yes mate, as I heard or read the patch might be save compatible. So I don't really see a reason not to. Have fun
  10. Yeah, same thing happened to me. For a couple of reasons really, one being that I don't want to get too deep into the Demo as I want to get a larger and better database behind the game. Second was simply the fact that knowing I won't be able to continue after January. Can't wait for Official release mate..
  11. Soooo, how does it feel playing a game knowing you can actually surpass January ?? :o
  12. Why don't you guys search before you post seriously?
  13. Some didn't even play the game yet.. (waiting for steam)