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  1. Try this - http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-tactics-training/99986-raikan007s-fuss-complete-madness-tactic-433-dm.html Sorry my phone will not hyper link so just cut and paste
  2. Started a new save on the new patch. Just finished pre-season and coming up to the start of the season. So far in's and outs Lobont and Cicinho have gone. Only one signing for future Tomas Podstawski (dubbed the new Meirieles) from Porto for £700.000 and one loan signing Pogba Man Utd. I have promoted Nego to the first team. Any extra transfer money will be pushed over to wages to get a bit of interest. First Team: 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 GK - Stekelenburg - Curci DR - Cassetti - Nego DL - Angel - Rosi DC - Juan - Kjaer - Burdisso - Heinze DM - De Rossi - Pogba CM - Pjanic - Gago - Perrotta - Greco - Simplicio RM - Bojan - Taddei LM - Lamela - Marquinho ST - Totti - Borini - Osvaldo Will update when I get to the new year.
  3. I'm still doing a Roma save. Just waiting for January transfer patch before start a game to post.
  4. Giuseppe Prestia from Palermo is a very good centre back and personal will be a good if not better than Juan or BurdissoI normally pick him up between £1m to £1.2m. *Also Romario from Vitoria (Brazil) is a very good right back and young Cafu / Dani Alves can be picked up for about £800.000.
  5. I'm playing Totti as a Target Man - Ball to feet, so far 8 in 10 games. I have had no luck with Bojan 2 in 25 games.
  6. Basic Fluid - Control but it depends on who I'm playing. Big games Balanced - control, small teams fluid - attack.
  7. Started a game with Roma, at the moment I'm not doing to badly. Have not done must transfer business loaned in Labyad and Achahbar and brought Rugani. Sold Antunes to Swansea (£1.3m) and Barusso (£250k). I'm playing a 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 depending how you look at it. GK - Stekelenburg DR - Cassetti DL - Angel DC - Juan DC - Kjaer DM - De Rossi - (Anchor Man) CM - Pizarro - (Box to Box) CM - Pjanic - (Adv Player) AMR - Bojan - (Inside Fwd) AML - Osvaldo -(Inside Fwd) ST - Totti - (Trequartista) - Borriello - (Poacher) Key player so far Osvaldo 5 goal in 4 games. 5 games in, we're unbeaten and have not conceded a goal. No exciting results apart from a 2-0 win over AC Milan. Will update when I get to January. FORZA ROMA
  8. Name: Gianluca Caprari Position: M RL Age: 18 Club: AS Roma Value: £500.000 Sale Value: Work Permit: Not needed
  9. Is because of the 1984 Champions League Final, were a Liverpool fan was stab by Roma fans.
  10. The Olympic Stadium is on the data base but not attached to West Ham. West Ham are still only the preferred bidder.
  11. Has anyone found their West Ham saves becoming unrealistic? I'm two and a half seasons in, taken over in Feb 2010 by an Italian tycoon who must have VERY deep pockets! Giving me £90m in Aug then another £50m in Jan 2011. In Aug 2011 I'm given £120m!!
  12. Djama Koutouan from Atalanta is dubbed as the next Drogba
  13. Same problem here. Starting to get a unhappyhammer. Plus i can not seem to download the patch.
  14. I have check the install log and everything said successful. On clicking on the short cut i get a "fm.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. we have created a error report bah bah". But no error code i have followed the .NET framework advise but this has not helped. This also happened with the demo.