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  1. It would actually be remarkable to be involved with a game, such as Football Manager at some point during my life, whilst I may not be the most active of members (in terms of posting) i found myself daily on here, and on other fansites, quietly seeing what people want and how they want it presented (although one day I was the first to post a feedback thread for a particular patch - one of my most famous days). I admit I'm not a poster maniac, but I certainly do listen and take note. I've been playing the game for years, through and through, and I'm well known for my high attention to detail. No number of words could really describe how much of a chance to be involved with a game that I have grown to love, enjoy and absolutely adore for many years, from computer to computer, year to year, summer to summer filled with imagination of managing my local team. Simply cannot be beaten. I currently am studying English, Computing and Psychology at high levels (second year at college) and with managing to obtain FULL marks within my English Literature & Language course last year, it's evident I can spot an error and observe. The fact I take Computing, also shows I have a clear insight into the capabilities of hardware and software regarding the game. Thanks SI - the opportunity of being involved is already exciting me. - Ross.
  2. May have missed it? But is there a now a extra slider on match view? Like the ole' two sliders on 08 back?
  3. - Characters no longer sometimes print twice after a key press in full screen mode.