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  1. Been using this for my Newcastle game, was struggling to make or create a good tactic first season. So far have only lost 1 out of 9 games using it which was Arsenal away, and have beat Atletico Madrid away, Man City at home, Liverpool away. Cisse has been on fire upfront with Cabaye, Wellington Nem and Sissoko playing class in midfield all bagging goals! Thanks for this
  2. Used these settings first game Chelsea away (I am Liverpool and been struggling, but have a good team) won 3-1 then have beaten Villa 2-0 at home and Huddersfield 4-2 away some great football being played and my striker Borini and attacking mid Rossi now on fire. Cheers for this
  3. Great thread, has helped me out a lot so far. Have tried loads of tactics off here with my Liverpool side and none have consistently worked for me so made it my aim to make my own tactic. Using the advice I have made a 4-2-3-1 formation (no wingers, 3 attacking mids) and left default settings apart from shorter passing and zonal marking while also changing the player roles. Unbeaten in 5 games so far winning 3 league games in a row, and beating Bilbao in Europa (won at home, drew away). Now have Man United at home so first big real test. So far I am creating 2-3 cc a game however still conceding goals from either an OG or headers
  4. Used this for my Liverpool side first season and managed to win the league only losing 3 games all season away to spurs, man united and aston villa. The defence for me was amazing had the best defensive record, and banged in goals aswell Carroll, Suarez and Lacina Traore all getting between 15-20 goals each as the starting strikers. Top work mate!
  5. Your latest release is top stuff mate. Got an online game with two friends first season I am liverpool, got Cardozo and Eduardo as my starting strikers along with Torres and after 10 or so games im averaging 4 goals a game. Here is a screenshot of Torres
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