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  1. Cheers, i certainly hope so, he looks like he could be a bit of legend
  2. Hi, I started my save as Elfsborg in the Swedish league. When i took over a news story came up about transfers that the previous manager had already arranged. Two were free transfers so no problem there, the other one though was for a young centre midfielder for £400k. The transfers won't happen until the end of the Swedish season, what i need to know is has the money for this transfer already been taken? If it has i'm ok, if not then i've only got a transfer budget of just over £150k left and will try and cancel the move (if i can) thanks, pb1uk
  3. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Elfsborg Budget: 200-300k Looking for: AMR, STR With: Half decent stats going forward, ideally with some pace Other: Season: first, 11-12 Loyalty Bonus: cheap as poss Agent Fee: ditto the above
  4. [FM12] Malmö FF thread

    Hi, I've started a game as Elfsborg, not played in the Swedish league before. Can anyone recommend any players available realtively cheapy? Thanks
  5. Hi, Does anyone know what the default font used in fm11 is for the menu bar, or know of a way to find this out? Thanks in advance, pb1uk
  6. laptop

    If you want a cheap upgrade and want the game to run better wack some more RAM in it if you have space. Can get a decent amount for £30 or so
  7. Hi, Does anyone know what the default font used in fm11 is for the menu bar, or a way to find this out? Thanks in advance, pb1uk
  8. Leigh Griffiths

    Wolves are getting a good un if this thread is anything to go by. Going to look him up on my save when i get home
  9. That's the work around. If you can't find it in your previous news items, which given it was 8 months you probably can't i would say that was the only way.
  10. completely unrealistic

    not unrealistic at all
  11. I did get the wrong end of the stick with sueing, but like you say we should be getting some amount of money back, at least enough to cover the wages lost over the time out injured and possibly the cost of treatment too (although the latter is minimal)
  12. From the source of truth, wikipedia: Have to say including the cost of owens replacement in the claim was a bit much, looks like they managed to reclaim the cost for his wages though. I agree on reflection introducing a feature to be able to claim compensation is a bit far but insurance is a dead cert for me
  13. I realise there's nothing that can de done about it. Would like to be able to claim on insurance, think this could be another possible solution to the problem. I'm sure Liverpool got money for claiming. I don't think west ham got very far as they were trying to claim around £15 million!
  14. Funny Screenshots Thread

    WOW that's an amazing performance! Don't think i've had ten so far on this years game
  15. I'm sure this has been raised before but i can't seem to find it. On FM12 i would like to see the introduction of an optino to be able to claim back player wages lost due to injuries caused whilst on international duty. Reason being on my save my best centre mid became unhappy and wanted to move to a bigger club and he wouldn't stay no matter what i tried. He got so unhappy he wouldn't even talk to me stating our relationship had broken down beyond repair. With only 12 months left on his contract I decided to cash in and sold him for 5.25 mil, not bad considering he was valued at 2.6. I bought a replacement, an Argentine centre mid for 5.5 mil with brilliant stats, better than that of the player i sold and dubbed the new Cambiasso. He played 2 friendlies and was brilliant, he then went off to play for Argenintina in the Olympics and in his second game broke his leg and is now out for 5-6 months. He's on 10k p/wk and is one of my highest paid players which means while he is out i'll be paying him 200-240k in wages. Considering i'm one if not the smallest team in the prem (Stockport County!) i would like to see a way in future versions of claiming this back. It has happened irl. Liverpool got 2mil back from the FA when Gerrard got injured on international duty and i'm sure West Ham were claiming money for when Dean Ashton got injured training for England.