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  1. Bochum didn't get promoted. They lost in the play-off against Monchengladbach. So that means Borussia stay in the bundegliga.
  2. have all the loans for the season just finished been deleted?
  3. I'm looking to change the maximum foreign players rules for the Asian club competitions. How do i do that??
  4. thanks mate. still looks way too complicated. not sure if i will be able to do it. thanks anyway
  5. still cant find it. If anyone could show me a screenshot, it would be appreciated.
  6. I had a look mate........ couldnt see anywhere where it tells you how many legs is the playoff final and the squad registeration maximum number.
  7. But I was just playing about with the advanced editor now.... I don't see the options to include squad registeration dates and where the playoff, promotion, etc is made into a one leg final.
  8. in the nation rules, which I used, it gives you the option to choose the number of legs. But that number of legs applies to BOTH the semi and final. Does this mean I wont be able to change the final into one legged match in the advanced editor because the nation rules overtakes it?? Do I need to restart the whole monaco league structure from scratch, but this time in the advanced editor?
  9. I created a new league based in monaco, basicly it is a superleague with the likes of Man U, Barca, Inter, etc in them. I'm looking to introduce a max number of players in a squad. Also, the league has a championship playoff at the end of the season. The top 4 teams play each other home and away in the semi-final, and, in the final, I want them to play each other once in a specified venue. But I don't know where is that option that allows you to play the final in only one leg, Can anyone help me, please?
  10. I'm also having trouble making this feature come up in my game, what have I done wrong? All I did is download the folder of bgsmod and place it in the graphic folder. Is this where it supposed to be ? Sorry, I didn't understand the rest of the instruction! which file do I have to open in notepad and delete the lines??? I'm using default skin. (although I would like to know the name of the skin I quote earlier so I can use it!)
  11. does anyone know what skin this is and where I can download it?
  12. yeah... it could work by recycling the player generations between now and say 1990s. (Or something like that) Surely they've still got the database from way back? I still think it's a very long shot, though.
  13. The option of having the real players restarting their careers again as 16-17 year olds instead of being replaced with regens. Not a fan of regens........ once the majority of real players dissappear from the game, I always start a new one.... which sucks because I want to keep my record going for as long a possible. Or maybe the option to not age the players, their attributes would change depends on their form, training regime, etc. I pay this game to manage real players, not some fake ones. I want the game to reflect the real world that I'm playing in at the moment in some way.
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