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  1. Adnan Januzaj should get a boost. Re: Zaha, his stats pretty much reflected what he can and can't do, so I hope they aren't massively improved. For Leeds, Dominic Poleon's stats should reflect his involvement a bit more.
  2. The OP makes some excellent points, and I believe that PA should never be fixed completely. There should be some room for a player to grow to a much greater level than he is supposedly capable of, but the circumstances would have to be right, such as happiness and good training in order for the 'planets to align' so to speak. The problem is, development in any player is not an exact science, so I can't really suggest how this would work. A few more legitimate examples of late bloomers: Leon Britton, Jimmy Bullard, David James (was much better at 38 than he was at 25), Jermaine Beckford (played non-league football until 23-24ish).
  3. 2013 is the best one I've played by far. The training was always a problem for me on old games. It was far too time-consuming if you wanted any sort of results, and you couldn't delegate it. FM13's training is spot on. General training, match preparation and an individual focus. To me this is perfect. '13 is one of the first FM games since CM 00/01 where I've been able to get decent performance out of a good team without a huge amount of work. I haven't won a trophy for over 5 years on FM until this year, but it's nice to be able to properly manage the team with out having to micro-manage everything. In real football the players are still the most important thing, and I think FM has finally realised that the manager has a lot of duties, but good players do not forget how to play football just because one of their mentality sliders is off by a click. Bravo SI.
  4. It definitely does take away from any achievements you may have amassed. There is the argument 'He bought the game so he can play it how he wants to', and while strictly speaking it's true, it's not really in the spirit of the game. If you are just going to re-add yourself after getting sacked then there is no pressure to do well in the first place. If you got 3 or 4 successive relegations you wouldn't keepyour job for instance, so re-adding yourself would be daft. The only time I would condone doing it is if you get sacked 5 or 6 games into the season if you performing below expectations due to having a couple of draws and/or games in hand, which nearly happened to me in my Man Utd save. In real life that would be taken into account.
  5. Rafael picked up 25 yellow cards and 3 red for me in my first season, I think this reflects his real life behaviour fairly well, but even he doesn't get that many cards over a season.
  6. I must admit, I used to hate regens like someone said above, but it's up to you how much research you are willing to do to bring your familiarity levels up. For example on NBA 2k11 I made a couple of draft classes all with unique players based on what I thought makes great players. For example the highest rated prospect was prodigious but injury prone, another was a 'bad-boy' type with a rebellious attitude and low consistency. At the moment, most of us have a wide-ranging knowledge of the football world because of years spent watching matches on TV and playing FIFA, PES and CM/FM. It's the years part that is the key to our knowledge of football. There are players like Brad Friedel who were playing 20 years ago, and some recent emerging stars like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for instance. The emerging players only add bit-by-bit to our existing mental portfolio. All this is inherent for the majority of us, which is why learning a whole footballing world of regens is difficult, however rewarding when you develop new favourites over time.
  7. A five-year deal though mate, must have been a little bit tempting surely
  8. I stuck with my tactics from season 1 for about 8 games before messing about with it. I just played 5 at the back in the last game and did a lot better, so I'm going to go with that for a few games, switching between 5-3-2 and 5-4-1 depending on the opponents.
  9. Hi guys, I wondered if I could have your input on a big decision I have in my game. After 12 years of playing CM and FM, I earned my first promotion last week! I managed to get Kallithea of the Greek National B Division up into the Superleague, rubbing shoulders with AEK, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, PAOK and the rest, but despite having a much-improved squad, a larger wage budget and the adoration of the board and fans, nothing I try is working. After winning the first league game 3-1 (giving me a decent feeling about the upcoming campaign), we have taken precisely one point from the next 12 games and conceded 27 goals in the process while scoring only 5. I've tried two upfront, one upfront - wingers, a flat four, a Chelsea-style 4-5-1/4-3-3. I've switched keepers, used all three passing styles, and nothing. Most of the games aren't even close, and the ones that are just aren't going our way. So now I've come to a bit of a crossroads - do I stay, try to do the seemingly impossible task of staying up, or resign and start again. I know some of you will say that I'm giving up too easily, and I have thought that myself today. After the miracle promotion, I am fairly unlikely to be sacked no matter how badly we do this season, but I have lost the dressing room to some extent, the wage budget is now only sustainable in the Superleague - relegation would make operating with the current squad very difficult, but I don't really want to leave. However, playing over half a season with virtually no hope of survival is not fun at all. The players are decent, and it's not like the other teams are amazing, but I'm just struggling to get anything going no matter how hard I try or who plays. What should I do??
  10. It's nothing compared to some of the things in this thread, but with AC Milan, finished second in Serie A by one point, then went a goal up only to lose the Champions' League Final. Still grumble about it sometimes six months on...
  11. I think you had earned it by then, we'll let you off!
  12. I just don't like the fact that Steam slows down my computer a lot for some reason. Now I have it, I don't have a problem with what it does or what it is trying to accomplish, I just wish it didn't slow my system down and do strange things in the background
  13. Filippo Inzaghi scored a grand total of NO goals in an entire league season for my Sunderland team on FM10. Wasn't happy because I was paying the offsidious Italian £50,000 a week! Yes, I've coined the word offsidious
  14. Martin Palermo was always excellent for me on CM 00/01. Guaranteed 15-20 goals a season. I remember on a Blackburn game I started he got 25 league goals in his first season which helped me to finish 6th.
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