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  1. My current save has reached March 2020 and Inter Miami & Nashville haven’t been added Into the MLS on my game. I had planned to take over Miami once the MLS expansion happened. Are those teams not coded to automatically be added to the MLS for the 2020 season ? And will they be added to the 2021 Has anybody else experienced this? Kind regards.
  2. That’s in Pre Game editor for before you start a new game. We were talking about Removing the Brexit rules in a current save. It’s very annoying don’t want to have to start all over again already put hours in.
  3. Where can this be discussed ? I need help Brexit has ruined my save. Your help would be appreciated.
  4. Do we know what all the possible scenarios are yet In the Beta? And has anybody had a Remain in the EU outcome?
  5. So it is possible to not have Brexit!?? how many times did it take you to have a 'not leaving EU' ? I've saved my game just before the 26th and will keep reloading until a No Brexit comes up! just making sure that it is possible and not wasting my time!??
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