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  1. Name of Club: Atletico Tolosa City: Tolosa, Spain Chairman Name and Nationality: Koldobika Alonso, Basque Home Kit: Kit Style: Double Chevrons, Foreground Green 1, Background White, Outline Red 1, Number Color Green 1, Green 1 shorts and socks Away Kit: Kit Style: Horizontal Section Split, Foreground Cyan, Background Brown 1, Outline White, Number Color Black, Outline Color White, White shorts and socks Stadium Name: Estadio Tolosa Preferred Manager: Michael Laudrup Chairmen have been granted £100m each to spend on the following areas: Youth facilities (£1m per level): 17 Youth coaching (£1m per level): 14 Youth recruitment (£1m per level): 16 Training facilities (£1m per level): 13 Stadium Size (starts at 15000, £5m for each additional 5000): 18,000 (So 3M right?) Transfer Funds: 14m Bank Balance (whatever is left over): 23M
  2. Cuddlefish is back!!! YAY Club Name: AC Siracusa Club Nickname: Arancione Club Colours: Orange and Blue Badge Style (Plain, Stripes or Checks): Stripes Manager Name: Bruno Zangari Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1982): 2/3 Star Player Name: Ottaviano Tiraboschi Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1994): 21/7 Position (check availability): GK 2nd Position (if not GK): Stadium Name: Stadio di Siracusa
  3. The Villains select Tunde Tijani, Striker for Nigeria and FC Ebedei
  4. Someone best get me a striker soon... it's like the last Big Fish all over again.
  5. Aston Villa Mamadou Sakho Domenico Criscito Willian Eden Hazard
  6. 2nd guess for challenge 1 is Starbucks 3rd guess is BHP Billiton Ltd.
  7. Challenge #1: I have to think that Ferrari would be the sponser in Italy.
  8. THE FORM Nationality: The United States of America Name of Club: Las Vegas Aces Chairman Name: Ryan Bergman Chairman stats will be random, with the exception of loyalty. Don't want you leaving, do we? Home Kit: Gold Kits with white trim on sides, White shorts and gold socks Away Kit: Red and Black stripes with black shorts and white socks Stadium Name: Google International Field Preferred Manager: Jason Kreis (Real Salt Lake Manager) Chairmen have been granted £100m each to spend on the following areas: Youth facilities (£1m per level): 15 Youth academy (£10m): Yep Training facilities (£1m per level): 15 Stadium Size (starts at 15000, £5m for each additional 5000): 25,000 (10M) Reputation (starts at 3000, £4m for each additional 500): 5500 (20M) Transfer Funds: 19M Bank Balance Whatever is left over: 11M Deciding to bank some cash just in case, should be super interesting.
  9. Title favorites and one of the best in the world between the sticks, loving it right now.
  10. First Name: Berko Second Name: Ihejirika Nationality:Niger Position: GK 2nd Position: N/A 2 PPM: N/A 3 Attributes at 20: Communication, Positioning, Influence Height: 194 cm Weight: 77 kg Preferred Foot: Right
  11. Well, bummed to be fully retired. It's been a great signup Charles.
  12. Surprised for how awful Villa finished this season... time to maybe splash some cash.
  13. Come on Kwesi, time to get a job!!! Probably being Nigerian is not helping in this respect.
  14. Who would have guessed that the great nation of Estonia would ever make it further in a Euro than England?
  15. Well, if I can't win Group 2 this time, it may never happen.
  16. Well, it's the end of Kwesi as a player after 19 seasons at Chelsea, shocked to have finished as high as I did considering the super slow start. Looks to have the make-up of a great manager though
  17. Yes, got to 400 goals!!! Who would have thought this was possible at the start of the sign-up? Now to maybe play at my final WC and then ride off into the sunset.
  18. It's swirling down for Kwesi, about 3 more years I think.
  19. Got to get to 400, I think I'm the last guy with an actual chance to get there.
  20. 7 goals in 14 games, as a central defender... truly a legend.
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