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    Albacete - Spain


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    F.C. Barcelona
  1. Goalkeeper on Bench

    I never have a goalkeeper on bench
  2. Forest Green Rovers ( I don't know why )
  3. 3D, TV View, Full Game, fast Speed (2-3 clicks to fastest), Replay Goals I don't understand how many people crying in forums about "i want the more realistic game" and only watch games in highlights or commentars. Do you really (in real life) knows if your team has played a good game only with that?
  4. I'm agree with you. It's neccesary more information, specially in tactical rules.
  5. FM Club

    I think it's a great idea
  6. Football manager 2009 demo

    too much injuries. it's a big problem to finish a match without one or two players injured.
  7. Football manager 2009 demo

    In steam you can download it. Create a new account in steam. it's free.